Changing the vibe of room or space can be as simple as one small accessory or addition. If you’re looking to give a room a quick, modern makeover, look no further than a lamp or light fixture to boost the contemporary feel. Whether the effect is achieved by shape or material, modern light fixtures can be total conversation pieces at your girlfriend get-togethers or weekend soirees. Check out these 12 fixtures to buy or DIY and be prepared to light the way to a more modern, updated space.

1. Sputnik Lamp ($328): Give your home a new-age, beachy feel with this light wood, pastel lamp.

2. Reclaimed Wine Barrel Lamp ($330): The options are endless with this contemporary fixture. It’s small enough to be put on a table, but large enough to be placed on the floor.

3. Paper Plate Modern Lamp: We never realized paper plates could be used to create such awesome art! DIY a modern table lamp with leftover dinnerware from your latest BBQ or picnic. (via Handmade Charlotte)

4. Tube Top Table Lamp ($125): Choose from a rainbow of colors, or pick a few different shades to place on different surfaces to really liven up a room.

5. Baxton Studio Twigg Lamp ($195): Bring the outdoors inside with this epic floor lamp. The contrast between black and white gives it a modern monochrome vibe, too.

6. Kartell Cindy Table Lamp ($350): These fixtures are so awesome, they practically double as mirrors! You could do a ton in terms of color coordination with all of these sweet shades to choose from.

7. Industrial-Modern Wood and Concrete Table Lamp: Who knew you could DIY such crazy cool lighting? We see one of these on your nightstand, one on your desk and, well, pretty much everywhere. (via Curbly)

8. Edison Industrial Cage Lamp DIY Set ($70): Buying this set gives you the best of both worlds… all the materials are already gathered for you, but you get credit for actually putting the caged creation together.

9. Arc Touch Table Lamp ($64): Don’t let this touch lamp fool you into thinking it’s a super high-tech faucet (we’re guilty of that). This piece is sleek, simple and functional.

10. Brass Chandelier: This hanging fixture is an oh-so-simple solution to adding a more modern vibe to your kitchen or dining area. Secure this bad boy over your table and you’ve got solid light and a whole new look. (via DIY Ready)

11. Pastel Wood Lamp ($500): We’re not sure whether it was the mint color that first attracted us to this lamp, or whether it was the incredibly futuristic shape of it, but we’re in love.

12. Perimeter Floor Lamp ($300): Fun floor lamps are hard to come by, but we’re loving the bright blue hue featured here.

Which of these fixtures inspires you to create a more modern space? What’s your favorite style of lighting? Let us know in the comments below!