Looking to up your game in the lighting department? Then it’s time to forget about the desk, leave the wall behind, and move on up. Up to the ceiling! The world of pendant lights is a surprisingly expansive one, so we’ve taken it upon ourselves to round the best ones up, both to buy and DIY.

1. Washing Machine Drum Lamps (contact to order): That title is for real. These lamps are made out of recycled washing machine drums and painted in a variety of candy colors.

2. Utensil Holder Pendant: We do love us a good IKEA hack! The cage style shade of this lamp was made from a utensil holder.(via Take the Side Street)

3. West Elm Inspired Globe Pendant: Inspired by a West Elm pendant, this gorgeous globe was made from two plastic salad bowls. (via Mad in Crafts)

4. Industrial Fan Turned Light: There is something pretty lamp like about the shape of a fan, especially a vintage one. If you’ve got a broken fan you just can’t part with, turn it into this fetching lamp. (via Kittenhood)

5. Enameled Colander: Obsessed with enameled colanders but don’t really need more than two or three in your kitchen cabinet? (via Shelterness)

6. Giant Tin Can Pendant Lights: Turn jumbo paint cans into lamps by covering them in… wait for it… paint! (via Shelterness)

7. Tart Tin Lamp: How cute are these? Made from mini tart tins, we love the eclectic look of this pairing. (via Lauren Elise Crafted)

8. Recycled Cardboard Pendant Lights: Cardboard will never cease to amaze us in the DIY department. (via Sugar and Cloth)

9. Geometric Wire Lampshade: It’s minimal, avant garde, and surprisingly simple to create. (via Weekday Carnival)

10. Foxed Mirror Drum Pendant ($379): The vintage surface of this foxy mirror (sorry, I had to) begs the question: What does the foxed mirror say?

11. Cube Pendant Light: Love the idea of making mini versions of these with party lights. (via Vintage Revivals)

12. PolyGlobe Pendant Light ($263): The faceted texture of this pendant looks almost as if it were computer-generated.

13. Small Polyhedron Pendant ($295): There’s something slightly pagan about a collection of this polyhedrons, don’t you think?

14. Dodecahedron: Not only is dodecahedron a really fun word to say, it’s pretty fun to make as well. (via View Along the Way)

15. 2X4 Light ($280): It is just what it sounds like. A 2×4 with light bulbs in it. While we aren’t wild about the price, we dig the minimal design and just might have to try hacking it ourselves.

16. Apollo (contact to order): This faceted shade has a masculine, industrial look that would add a welcome bit of dissonance to a fluffy white living room.

17. Filament Pendant ($325): Doesn’t this sort of look like the outline of a lampshade? Into it.

18. Sage Honeycomb Shade ($64): This has a definite vintage vibe and the frosted sage glass (or plexiglas) would add a nice glow to any space.

19. SHY Light ($11K): Why so shy? Maybe because you’re a lamp that costs over ten thousand dollars? Regardless, this piece of light art is a spectacle to behold.

20. FlowerPot Pendant ($370): This quirky flowerpot pendant looks like it’s straight out of a Super Nintendo game.

21. PXL Pendant ($1,072): Dear PXL, please send us 10 of these pendants for our office. Love, Brit + Co.

22. Bluff City ($550): A trio of solid design elements are at play here. You’ve got the electric blue cage, candy apple red drum base, and modern spherical bulb.

23. Riviera Pendants ($129-$199): We love the outlined nature of this collection of pendants, especially paired with those filament lightbulbs.

24. DIY Quilt Light: Onto some neon DIY geometry. The colors! The shapes! So lovely. (via The Design Files)

25. Bau Pendant Light ($250): Is it abstract art, a Calder-inspired wall hanging, or a pendant light? We’ll call it all three :)

26. Bell Jar Pendant ($198): Bearing no relation to the Sylvia Plath novel of the same name, the bold jewel tones of this jars look great together.

27. Downtown Minimalist Cord Pendant ($105): Simplicity at its finest. The mint green bulb base makes for an instant design win.

28. Halo Light Pendant: The halos around these bulbs almost look like circles that were drawn in midair. Love the quirkiness of them. (via A Beautiful Mess)

29. Bronze Copper Shade ($685): This beautiful bronze pendant is timeless and iconic, and would look good in just about any home.

30. Golden Lamp: On the other end of the “iconic” spectrum, guess what was used to create the gold base of this lamp? A toilet paper roll covered in gold paper! (via Design and Form)

31. Polished Nickel Pendant ($129-$149): There’s something about this that makes us think of poker night as portrayed by Kinfolk magazine.

32. Rosy Glow Pendant Lamp ($375): We’ve got it bad for rose gold here at Brit HQ, and this lamp just got added to our wish list.

33. Cloche Punched Pendant Lamp ($40): This vintage style lamp has gorgeous punched out details as well as engraved textures.

34. Rectangular Farmhouse Pendant ($250): If you’re going for the rustic industrial look in the dining room, this pendant is for you.

35. Gliese Pendant ($230): I think this might be my favorite light on the list! It’s an extra large lightbulb dipped in chrome. So good.

36. Pendant Tassel Light: Just… put a tassel on it! (via A Subtle Revelry)

37. Rope Pendant Light: Finally, a light fixture makeover that doesn’t involve re-wiring and calling an electrician. (via Love Maegan)

38. Fresh Flower Pendant Light: What? Yes. This beautiful DIY piece is worth bookmarking for a special event or garden party. The ephemeral nature of it makes it all the more lovely. (via Paper & Stitch)

39. Bright Beads Pendant Lights (contact to order): One day, we will figure out an easy way to get beads onto pendant light cords. Until then, we’ll swoon over these.

40. Concrete Pendant Lamps: Concrete just might be the new black in the DIY department. (via Brit + Co.)

41. Pom Pom Pendant: The Lorax called, he wants his pendant light back ;) (via A Subtle Revelry)

42. Yarn Lanterns: Yarn, glue, balloons, and corn starch are all you need to create your own colorful lanterns. (via Brit + Co.)

43. Peel Pendant Lamp ($199): The peeled-apart look of this reminds us of a slinky on its side.

44. Paper Scraps: By night and by day, this paper scrap creation is a force to be reckoned with. (via Design*Sponge)

45. Fabric Garland Hanging Light: This seems like the paper scrap garland’s old sister, don’t you think? (via A Beautiful Mess)

46. Urchin Lamp Kit ($130): Currently seeking funding on Kickstarter, this lamp design is based on sea urchins.

47. Chess Rook and Pawn Pendants: Your move, lamp. ($80)

48. Acorn Pendant ($420): Now that’s a modern interpretation of an acorn if I’ve ever seen one. Love the idea of whole collection of these in different sizes and colors.

49. Wooden Beaded Chandelier: Inspired by a Serena and Lily creation, this is definitely one for your weekend projects folder or pinboard. (via Brit + Co.)

50. Coco Mini Pendant ($1,800): Wait a minute, are those acorns too? On the extremely high end of the price spectrum, this are more like art objects than lights.

51. Woodchuck Pendants (from $750): Love the colors and woodgrain on these pendant lights. Stay tuned for a DIY inspired by these very lamps.

52. Slope Miniforms (contact to order): We’d love to see an entire ceiling filled with these at varying lengths.

53. Capiz Shell Pendant ($800): You’ve seen a capiz shell pendant before, but about one that is also a spherical grid? So cool.

54. Ombre Pendant Lamp: This DIY project would be a cinch to recreate on those inexpensive white paper lanterns you can buy at party stores. (via designlovefest)

55. Glass Orb Chandelier ($499): The more orbs, the merrier? ;)

56. Form Us With Love Pendants ($132 each): This army of pendant lamps is here to send you their love.

57. Barely There Pendant Lamp ($148): By day it’s barely there, by night a moody glow.

58. Hurricane Vase Lamp: We would totally buy this DIY vase lamp. (via Pattern of Life)

59. Iron Petals Pendant Lamp ($148-$348): For a more permanent take on floral details, this Anthropologie creation is perfectly boho chic.

60. Encalmo-Stamen Modern Pendant Light ($1,295): Finally, this modern piece is made in the Italian discipline of fusing two separate entities of glass into one single piece. We love the clean design and rich hues.

Do you have pendant lights in your home? Did you make them or buy them? Was it tough to install them? Talk to us in the comments below.