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When we first received samples of Peppermint Hint Sparkling Water ($20 per case), we worried it would just taste like a fizzy breath mint. But when we gave it a little more thought, the idea of it didn’t seem so strange. After all, we love our mojitos and mint-cucumber spa water. Then when we cracked open a bottle, we discovered our latest wintery drink obsession.

Before sipping, you’ll smell those classic red-and-white hard candies (not breath mints!). That makes for a sweet taste at first, but when you let the water rest on your tongue, the flavor has just enough peppermint essence to refresh, not overwhelm. Hint’s sparkling waters also seem to be much more effervescent (AKA fizzier) than La Croix and Waterloo as well as other seltzers we’ve tried so far. We think that’s a good thing. It makes for slower drinking, which lets you savor it for longer. Plus, all those bubbles really do feel like you have a party in your mouth.

After we finished the bottle, we can attest that this drink is more than just a thirst-quencher. It has a tingling, stomach-calming effect, and we imagine it’s an effective digestive after a rich holiday meal. And yes, it does act as an automatic palate cleanser, although that’s really just a bonus.

We’re happy drinking this sparkling water solo, but you can also dress it up as a zingy mixer. Take that hint from the founder of the drink line, Kara Goldin. In an email, she tells us, “At night, I might mix it with a cocktail — vodka, crushed mint leaves, and a splash of lemon.” We bet it would also blend effortlessly in a rum-based mojito or possibly even with bourbon and a splash of ginger beer for a lower-cal, sparkly mint julep. Whichever way you sip this zero-calorie, sugar-free sparkling water, it’ll help you keep your chill this busy holiday season.

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(Photo via Hint)