Earlier this year, Pepsi had its loyal fans up in arms when it unleashed upon the world a hybrid of flavors unlike we’d ever seen before: Pepsi Fire. Adding a cinnamon taste to its regular flavor, the drink gave the OG flavor a “spicy twist” for summer. Now, the soda company is launching its newest spin on the old classic with a brand new flavor for fall. Meet Pepsi Salted Caramel.

That’s right! The same essence Starbucks pairs with mocha to bring you one of its beloved fall treats is now being paired with the fizzy goodness of Pepsi for what is sure to be a tasting experience.

Pepsi described the drink to TODAY as having “the refreshing taste of cola with a delicious caramel finish.” As Chad Stubbs, vice president of Pepsi’s marketing team, told the outlet via email, “Salted caramel is a popular flavor that consumers are looking for — and [are] delighted to find — especially during the holidays.”

While we’ve yet to get our hands on the just-released bottle, the TODAY crew described it as having a minimal but sweet aftertaste. Thus far, customer reactions have been mixed, with some super into the new combo, and others… not so much.


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 (Photos via Pepsi)