With summer in full swing, we’re ready to bask in the sun with our best buds and whip up a picnic party chock-full of tantalizing treats. But between shopping for portable munchies, curating the ultimate spread and cleaning up afterward, picnicking like a pro is no picnic. Fortunately, an innovative, full-service NYC picnic company called Perfect Picnic is here to help you make your dream picnic in the park a walk in the park.


A successful picnic combines diverse foods with harmonious flavor experiences that cater to the preferences of its guests. That’s why Perfect Picnic offers a variety of Grab-and-Go picnics with artisanal foods, from the European-styled Classic Picnic with fresh-baked baguettes, locally produced cheese and Italian deli meats to the American Picnic with baguettini sandwiches and fresh sea-salt caramels (because who said you can’t have dessert with every meal?). You can also receive your picnic with a picnic blanket, a map of Perfect Picnic’s favorite picnic spots and a reusable picnic tote. That way, you can bust out a luxe picnic experience wherever you travel.


Perfect Picnic knows that a picnic is more than simply food — it’s a memory. That’s why the company curates custom picnic experiences for every occasion and budget, whether you’re gathering with friends and family, throwing a business lunch or planning a picnic date. Perfect Picnic even offers butler-serviced picnics that include setup and cleanup, so you can sit back and enjoy the picnic experience with good food, good company and no pesky dishes to wash afterward.


If you live in the NYC area and you’ve made it this far without salivating on your keyboard, you can purchase picnics and reserve picnic experiences through the Perfect Picnic website’s convenient online order form. You can even choose from traditional or vegetarian options. We have a feeling that Perfect Picnic will be a palate pleaser, even for those nitpicky picnickers.

Could you use Perfect Picnic’s help in hosting a picnic this summer? Let us know in the comments below!

(Photos via Perfect Picnic)