Ah, spring. We can practically smell the [insert your favorite spring flower here]. The warmer weather equals quality time with your besties, co-workers, family or those random people that just know how to have a good time. So get ready to grab some fun yard games and take your party outside. We鈥檝e searched for the perfect picnic party picks so all you have to decide is what DIY maxi skirt you鈥檙e going to rock while laying on the fresh cut grass. Isn鈥檛 that the best smell ever? Okay, time to focus鈥 these picks kick major picnic grass.

1. Vertical Strokes Market Tote ($36): You鈥檝e totes got this picnic in the bag. Especially with the help of this stylish carryall that鈥檚 beyond easy to clean. Just toss all your party supplies in when the festivities are over鈥 sad face.

2. Kate Spade Grass is Greener Picnic Blanket ($45): A blanket that looks just like grass but without the itch? Brilliant. You鈥檒l become one with nature during the picnic, and then when the time comes to leave you can just toss the blanket into its handy drawstring bag. Easy. Cleanup.

3. Mason Shaker Gift Set ($50): Shake your picnic maker with this set that includes everything you鈥檒l need for drinks with a vintage flair. You get a mason jar-turned-cocktail shaker, muddler and jigger for all your boozy needs.

4. DIY Modern Cooler: DIY your way to your very own chic cooler 鈥 it鈥檚 beyond easy. Just take the standard cooler you鈥檝e probably had for years and update it using wood grain contact paper along with some paint and rope. (via Almost Makes Perfect)

5. Pocket Parrot Citrus Knife ($13): Fruit is a staple on the picnic scene. So come prepared with this handy and small knife that鈥檚 ready to show that citrus who鈥檚 boss.

6. White Peach-Lavender Soda: The name of this recipe alone has our attention. Fresh lavender and ripe white peaches鈥 all of a sudden, we鈥檙e quite thirsty. This homemade mix is a refreshing addition to your standard picnic fare. (via Emma E Christensen)

7. Mini Jambox ($130): Hello, dance party. This tiny wireless Bluetooth speaker will last up to eight hours, which means you can stay outside for as long as you want without any awkward silence. Plus it鈥檚 so tiny it can fit in your jean pocket. For reals.

8. Wooden Forks ($9): Equally as important as the pocket knife above, serving utensils make the picnic go round. Go green while sitting on the green with these compostable wooden forks. Mother Nature thanks you.

9. Horseshoes Set ($135): It鈥檚 not a picnic without some lawn games. Get your fix with this legit horseshoe set and your friends will be lining up to play.

10. Sriracha + Cheddar Cheese Puffs ($15): The first rule of outdoor fun? Always have snacks on hand to curb hanger. Spice things up with bags of this Sriracha deliciousness. Think of it as fuel to play some yard games. Everyone wins. Well, not in yard games, but you get the idea.

11. Striped Paper Straws ($12): Take your picnic to the next level with these pretty striped straws. Pair 鈥檈m with the lemonade above and some vodka if you really want to get the party started.

12. Toast-for-Two Wine Table ($25): Where has this table been all our life? Now you can take your picnic up 17 notches with this chic bamboo table that holds your wine glasses AND has room for a cheese plate. After all, nobody likes a spilled wine at a party.

13. Reusable Plastic Ice Cubes ($4): Say goodbye to watered down drinks or a cooler filled with the artist formally known as ice cube. These handy reusable 鈥渃itrus鈥 ice cubes do major party tricks and will keep you (and your guests) happy and refreshed.

14. Acrylic Wine Glasses ($38): Forget the red plastic solo cups you used in college. There鈥檚 no need to take a trip down frat memory lane thanks to these gorgeous glasses. You get six teal acrylic wine glasses that鈥檒l make you feel like a fancy adult who still knows how to have a good time.

15. Cheese Board Kit ($50): Cheese is picnic鈥檚 middle name. This kit will leave you with your very own custom wood-burnt cheese board that鈥檚 so rad you鈥檒l be trying to schedule picnic parties every weekend.

16. Cheese Knives ($20): You鈥檝e got the cheese board, and now you just need some spreading power. Enter this awesome knife set. You get a cheese knife, fork, slicer and spreader, all in bright, fun colors.

17. Cool Coat ($34): Number one complaint at picnics: warm wine. It鈥檚 a serious condition that impacts picnics across the globe. Well, not anymore. This wine chiller keeps your wine cool for one hour longer than normal. Simply toss the removable inner coat in the cooler for a bit of a recharge.

18. Greek Tortellini Salad: It鈥檚 not a picnic without pasta salad. This recipe features cheese tortellini, feta cheese, olives and did we mention, avocado? Plus it鈥檚 super easy to make, which is exactly what we鈥檙e looking for on picnic day. (via Julia鈥檚 Album)

19. Kissing Squirrels Plate ($9): Forgetting something? Sorry paper plates, but there鈥檚 a new and stylish serving plate in town. Made of melamine, these adorable wonders will treat your picnic right. Besides, how can you not love cute li鈥檒 squirrels?

20. Stack Wine ($13): Forgetting the wine opener is a thing of the past. These why-didn鈥檛-we-think-of-that gems are individual servings of nature鈥檚 grape that make drinking easy. Each stack of wine contains the same volume as your standard bottle, and you can choose from all different types 鈥 red, white, you name it.

21. Pineapple Tea Towel ($17): We all have those messy friends that spill everything you hand them. Keep it clean and classy while on the grass with this adorably tropical tea towel.

22. City Boy Picnic Grill ($229): Is it hot out here or is it just your picnic? Bring this portable gas grill so you can flex your cooking muscles for all to see. And the modern, chic design? We can鈥檛 even.

Ready to throw a rockin鈥 picnic party? What will you be packing? Tell us in the comments below.