If you’re a longtime fan of Brit + Co. (or Photojojo!) you’ll be aware that everyone around here is a convert when it comes to all things phoneography. Between collections of mobile tripods, must-haves for the modern photog, and so much more, we’re totally addicted to taking, keeping, and sharing photos and videos of all shapes and sizes.

That’s why when Jessa from Photojojo happened to mention using the Swivl as a puppy cam, we had to get the full scoop.

As soon as we laid eyes on the Swivl it was love at first sight. Our own personal camera crew, with a motion tracking sensor and a microphone for clear audio makes this device perfect for video, even of yourself when no one else is around (vloggers, rejoice)! Not only does it have a remote control, it’s also smart enough to track your arm gestures.

With the Swivl, you can shoot your own how-to videos, music videos, workout routines to send to your trainer, and it’s basically the perfect thing for capturing someone’s reaction to a huge surprise party.

And that brings us to using the Swivl as a puppy cam.

Just hook the sensor on to your pup’s collar and the Swivl will keep track of her no matter how much trouble she’s getting into. Here we have our darling 4-month old Leah going to town on her foodball. Pure puppy magic.

What sorts of action shots would you use the Swivl for? We’d love to hear your ideas! Leave us a note in the comments below or find us on Twitter.