If you thought the new Instagram update was exciting for your future as a photographer, we have to introduce you to the next better thing. And this is not an app — we repeat, not an app. Nope, kind of the opposite. Photojojo has been bringing “real photography” to the places we’re taking real pictures in real life with bitty iPhone attachments that transform your lens into what feels like a real camera. Now they want you to venture into uncharted territory with the “weirdest, funnest, newest and most rare photo-making stuff on the planet” that they’ll let you borrow for as little as five bucks a day.

From your own pop-up photo booths to a drone (yes, a drone) that can turn any picnic into a Hollywood movie, Photojojo is a rental service that’s ready to inspire you. They want to break down the barriers of “I can’t” and “I don’t know how” when it comes to taking great photos and show you, “no, you totally can” with affordable access to equipment you never thought you’d actually have your hands on.

Rent a throwback camera like the Polaroid SX-70 for $20 a day.

Take home a fancy attachment like Lomography’s Petzval Art Lens ($29/day).

The Robotic Party Cam ($12/day) was one of our favorites when we visited Photojojo HQ for the grand tour. An unsuspecting Sony Cyber-Shot sits on a little white disk, best set up on a table surrounded by movement. The little creeper detects faces and snaps pictures automatically, panning and tilting, zeroing in while you’re laughing with friends.

Film an epic adventure with a digital bolex ($129/day).

See what all the fuss is about once and for all with Glass for just 40 smackers per day.

Set up a photo booth on the fly at your next party or embark on a little photo adventure ’round town with an Instant Photo Lab that prints iPhone photos onto real Polaroid film for 10 bones.

And, yes, for $49, you can rent a drone. For taking video and photos (!!). I visited Photojojo, where we took the Phantom 2, equipped with a GoPro for a spin in SF’s Dolores Park. Photojojo is one of the very first places to offer rental drones for recreational fun, but they’re not stopping there. With your first drone rental, you take a one hour lesson, something that the company’s founder Amit Gupta hopes to offer online in a drone photography class.

We instantly thought of all the ways we could document a wedding or a party with these cameras and attachments, but that’s not the only use the company has in mind for them. As Amit explained to us, they want you to use their services to amp up an already-fun weekend with your friends. Consider them an Intro to Cool Photo Stuff 101 and a gateway to more photo adventures.

Right now Photojojo’s rental service is only available in San Francisco with plans to expand to NYC next. Visit their site to tell them you want portable Polaroid photo booths and drone rentals where you live and they just might make your dreams come true. Or next time you’re in town, be the coolest tourist ever with their goodies in tow.

What would you rent using Photojojo’s services? Would you try it out at an event or just a weekend with your buds?