Welcome to another episode of Pies + DIYs — the Facebook Live where we complete DIYs while eating pie. Tune in every week to see what DIY we will tackle next.

This week on Pies + DIYs I was joined by my friend Christina from Farmgirl Flowers. Farmgirl Flowers is a San Francisco-based floral delivery company that ships the most gorgeous bouquets and gifts nationwide! Christina was kind enough to join me on Pies + DIYs and teach me everything I need to know to make my own fresh holiday wreath.

One of my favorite wreath tips she shared was that you don’t need to buy expensive greenery from a market to make a wreath; you can simply forage around in your backyard to find everything that you’ll need. Follow along to watch us craft our wreath by wrapping small bunches of greenery onto a wire wreath frame.

If you are strapped for time this holiday season and can’t DIY your own, Farmgirl Flowers has amazing wreaths and bouquets that can be shipped out for the holidays. Order by December 21 to get it in time for Christmas (weather permitting).

P.S. Do you love our new set? Our friends over at Murals Wallpaper made this design just for Pies + DIYs! This pink brick backdrop is called Rizzo and can be purchased on their website. If pink brick is too bright for you (I understand!), you can check out all of their other brick-inspired wallpapers right here.

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