If you and your boo have a “no phones on the table” rule while you’re out to dinner, we may have found the ultimate loophole. Pizza Hut is working on a concept with Chaotic Moon Studios for an interactive touchscreen table that puts the “personal” back in their Personal Pan Pizza. You eat with your fingers, now you can order with them too!

Choose your crust with a handy on-screen guide that demoes the different sizes for you and tells you how many people each feeds.

Then it’s topping time! Add sauce and cheese, heck, extra cheese, and throw some pepperoni on all or just half the pie.

Once your pizza is perfect, add on wings and sides, easy impulse buys on empty stomachs.

Payment is a cinch. When it launches, let’s assume there will be an app that you’ll download to your phone so it recognizes who you are and allows you to pay with a saved card while seated.

After your order is placed, you don’t need to dig around for quarters to get your Donkey Kong on. The touchscreen asks if you want to play games while you wait and that answer is always, obviously: “YES.” Watch the touchscreen table in action below!

From Chipotle’s Ordering app to Domino’s Tracker, fast food has buddied up to tech to make getting your grub faster, more interactive and even extra personalized. Pizza Hut’s touchscreen table is a convenient element to ordering your pie there, but it’s not exactly the type of service we want for every dining experience. We’d definitely give it a try as long as they also figure out a way to sanitize the touchscreen in between seatings. Yum.

What do you think of Pizza Hut’s touchscreen tables?