Life with kids means that slowly, one toy at a time, they start to take over the living room decor. Figuring out how to make space for both your stuff and their stuff can be a challenge, especially in a small house. It’s nice to have a play space that blends in with the rest of the house, while also providing kid-friendly details that will keep them entertained while you cook or work on projects. From DIY indoor swings to cozy reading nooks under the stairs, these 13 playrooms will easily blend into the rest of your decor and hopefully minimize the number of LEGOs you step on in the future.

1. Have Fun With Color: Head to IKEA or the thrift store and pick up a mini table and some chairs so your little painter has their own space to explore all the colors of the rainbow. You won’t even mind having an art space this colorful tucked in the corner of your living room. (via Love Chic Living)

2. Keep It Organized: Besides teaching kids how to organize and tidy up, storage is key for keeping the whole playroom from turning into a catastrophe. If the playroom is also the living room, don’t forget to make space for your things too. The kids get the lower shelves so they can easily get their stuff, while all the grown-up things are safely out of reach above. (via IKEA)

3. Get Comfortable: Encourage quiet time and reading with a cozy reading nook or “chill out” zone in the playroom. An armchair, beanbags or even cushions on top of IKEA storage benches are all great options for a seating area that fits your child’s personality. (via House of Turquoise)

4. Artist’s Studio: All kids are artists, and it’s so important to have a space where they can let their creativity flow (without worrying about paint showing up on the walls and carpet). From mini easels to blackboard paint and gallery walls devoted to just them, a space where they can display their art proudly is important for fostering their creativity. (via The Caterpillar Years)

5. Be Active: If you have the space, an indoor swing is probably the coolest thing ever. Hanging something from your ceiling is fairly simple, and you can get the rings at a hardware store, or you could DIY a swing seat that both the adults and kids can enjoy. (via Fun at Home With Kids)

6. Pitch a Tent: Remember the joy of pillow forts and blankets draped across the couches? Give them a cozy hideout they can keep up all the time; it’s separate enough to feel private without being too far to hear your calls for dinner. (via Jute Home)

7. Hang a Hammock: On those rainy days, it’s nice to have a place your kids can relax or just spend a Sunday afternoon reading and swinging in a hammock. This colorful hammock is the centerpiece of the living room and the perfect place for kids and adults to hang out. (via At Home in Love)

8. Draw on the Walls: Didn’t we all try drawing on the walls at least once when we were kids? Let your kids have the freedom to create whenever inspiration strikes by having a dedicated blackboard wall. (via House Beautiful)

9. Tiny Acrobats: Now your kids can give you some pointers on your aerial yoga skills as they flip and spin. DIY an indoor gymnastics area with IKEA’s hanging swings, balancing boards and — most important of all — a few crash mats to protect those little heads. (via IKEA)

10. Work and Play: This little nook is perfect for working and playing. Both the kids and the adults have a little place of their own to get away and color, play and maybe even get a little work done in this mini work/play space. (via Apartment Therapy)

11. Beam Swing: The minimalist approach to this swing is great for a common playroom where you want to add a subtle touch of fun that doesn’t intrude too much on the rest of the room’s decor. (via Mad and Bolig)

12. DIY Ladder: So what if the ladder doesn’t actually go anywhere? Your kids will still have a blast climbing up it, and you’ll love the fun pop of color and texture it brings to the room. (via Bolig Liv)

13. Tucked Under the Stairs: Is it just us, or are kid’s books essentially art? Make a little reading nook right under the stairs and display their library in easy-to-access shelves. (via Lay Baby Lay)

How do you blend the playroom into the rest of the house? Share your thoughts in the comments below!