You love a good weekend spent at the hardware store. You have a strange affection for the smell of wood chips. Your bedtime whale sounds CD has been replaced with the sweet, sweet sound of hammering. And you traded in your sedan for a truck so it can fit all of your yard sale swag each weekend. If this is you, you might be a secret furniture builder, or carpentress, as we like to call ourselves. For those of us with a love for power tools but minimal skills, these easy DIY furniture projects will feed the fire. For now :)


1. Simple Bed Frame: It doesn’t get easier than putting together a few pieces of wood. This bed frame, though simple, is gorgeous in this brightly lit minimalist room. We dig it. (via The Merry Thought)


2. Diamond Tufted Headboard: Though this lives in the easy-DIY category, it does not have a place in the quick category. Give yourself an entire weekend (or maybe a month and that HBO series you’ve been meaning to watch?) to make this classic headboard. (via Homemade by Carmona)


3. Stickwood Headboard: Lazy people, get excited. Unlike the tufted headboard, this DIY takes no time at all. Also know that you’ll never go back to hammering after dabbling with stickwood. It is what it is: wood that sticks. (via Sugar and Cloth)


4. Shelving Unit: This shelving unit could almost be considered a Restoration Hardware DIY copycat. If you love Resto’s style but not their prices, head to the hardware store for some supplies to make this awesome shelf. (via Almost Makes Perfect)


5. Corner Shelves: Wondering where you’re supposed to put anything in that tiny little room of yours? These shelves are perfect for maximizing space. In general, shelves are a great way to create storage in a house that doesn’t have many closets — or a house that is a closet. (via Deuce Cities Henhouse)


6. Metal Base Coffee Table: Need to make a new coffee table in 10 minutes or less? Grab a slab of wood and screw on the legs. Coffee table complete! (via Almost Makes Perfect)


7. Vintage Suitcase Side Table: Vintage suitcases make for great furniture. Stack three for a nightstand, place a glass on top of a couple for a coffee table, or make this adorable side table by adding mid-century legs. We love a good upcycling project. (via The Weathered Door)


8. Fur Bench: You could start this project from scratch or do as The Brick House did and use an old bench and rug you have lying around the house. We just hope your rug has had less dog time ;) (via The Brick House)


9. Mid-century Plant Stands: On a larger scale, these plant stands could easily be side tables or little stools. You could even add wheels to the bottom of the legs to maximize fun (read: laziness) and roll around your house. (via Sugar and Cloth)


10. Metal Chandelier: SO COOL that the designer of the original lamp is offering DIY instructions. Virtual awkwardly long hug, Lindsey Adelman. You rule. (via Lindsey Adelman)


11. Tripod Lamp: If you prefer your lighting to live on the floor, this elegant lamp is what you need. We’d definitely swipe right on Furniture Tinder for this guy. (via The Merry Thought)


12. Hammock Chair: When it comes to cozy swinging chairs, we’re all in. Not only is this DIY totally doable, but it’s also really, really, really good looking. (via A Beautiful Mess)

What other easy DIY furniture projects have you made? Share them in the comments or tag them #britstagram on social media.