If you know a kid who is always reaching for a paintbrush, turning any moment into an impromptu concert or scribbling away in their notebook, then you know nothing makes them happier than creating something new. This holiday season, embrace their creativity with a gift that will have them channeling their inner Picasso, JK Rowling or Harry Styles. No matter what their preferred outlet of choice, we’ve got 28 gifts to help little imaginations soar to new heights.

1. Little Prints Book ($22): Get them DIYing young with this book filled with easy and fun projects like stenciling and stamping. Don’t blame us if they take start hoarding your art supplies!

2. DIY Snow Globe Kit ($26): Move over, Frosty — snow globes aren’t just for holiday scenes anymore. Looking for a cheaper alternative? Wrap up all the supplies needed for this DIY snow globe tutorial and spend the afternoon making it rain glitter.


3. 40 Piece Wooden Magnetic Block Set ($110): Keep those London bridges from falling down with these blocks, which come embedded with magnets. They’ll be defying gravity in no time.

4. Wreck This Journal ($15): Sometimes giving a nice journal can backfire if it looks too precious to use. With express instructions for doodling, sketching and more, this is one journal that actually encourages the scribbles.

5. Tanagram Puzzle ($18): A fun new twist on a timeless classic, use the pieces inside the puzzle or ditch the puzzle and make your own designs. Either way, it’s sure to be a hit with any age group.

6. Hand Puppets ($27): Encourage your tiny storyteller to tell new tall tales with these felt hand puppets from her favorite bedtime story. Grab that extra cardboard box from the recycling bin and transform it into a theatre for extra points.


7. Master Kitz ($60): With easy-to-follow instructions and a paint roller meant to replicate Van Gogh’s stylistic strokes, your budding artist will have a finished masterpiece before lunch.

8. Surprise Ride ($25 – $35): Designed for kids ages 6-11, each box centers around a specific theme (like art, music or outer space) and includes fun activities, a book and a healthy snack. Who said learning can’t be fun?

9. Interior Design Studio Kit ($25): Save these pages once they’re all colored in. They might become collectables when your little designer makes it big.

10. Lite-Brite ($23): Relive your own childhood and introduce the new generation to this timeless classic. Maybe they’ll even let you have a turn if you ask nicely.

11. Percussion Set ($46): If you’ve ever wanted to start a family band, this is your chance. Made from beech wood, this musical set comes comes with a cute tote so your little one can rock out on the go.


12. Nature Kaleidoscope Kit ($11): This is one DIY that won’t just sit on a shelf when it’s finished. It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

13. Mini Modeling Clay ($4): With 13 colors of clay to work with, you’ll have a modern day Donatello on your hands in no time.

14. Hero Cape ($17): Every kid wants to fly through the air like Superman or fight crime like Cat Woman. Now you can help her imagination soar up, up and away.

15. Crayon Rocks ($10): If you thought coloring couldn’t get any better… you’re wrong. It just did.

16. Pocket Sized Notebook ($12): Combine their two favorite things — delicious ice cream and writing stories — with this cute notebook, which easily fits in any pocket or tote.

17. My Comic Book ($30): If they’re comic book obsessed, get them the supplies to make their own masterpiece. Once they’ve written and sketched their dream story, send it off in the mail and in just a few weeks, they’ll receive a professionally-bound copy of their latest work.

18. Create Your Own Dragon ($27): They’ll have a roaring good time putting this one together.

19. Doodle Top ($10): Are regular markers just not cutting it these days? Then it’s time to step up your doodling game.

20. Looper Voice Recorder ($60): With this device, they can record up to 30 seconds of audio and adjust the speed, pitch and loop for hours of non-stop fun. We’d recommend picking up a pair of cute earphones in case they start having too much fun with it.

21. Pipsticks Subscription ($15): If there are two things every kid loves, it’s stickers and getting mail in their name. Take their appreciation for snail mail to new heights with this monthly sticker subscription.

22. Thumbprint Art Book ($13): Put those tiny fingers to good use with this kit, which includes everything they’ll need to doodle up some truly one-of-a-kind creations.

23. Spy Science Kit ($20): Bring out their inner Sherlock and put their detective skills to work as they match fingerprints, identify DNA samples and test suspicious liquids to crack the case.

24. Rock Star Guitar and Mic ($36): We all know that one kid who is destined to become a rockstar. Get her the proper tools and enjoy the show.

25. It’s A Draw Art Box ($79): If your little one loves to draw, this mega kit has everything they need to make their grandest dreams come to life.

26. Drawing for the Artistically Undiscovered ($18): All artists are not created equal, and that’s a good thing. Co-created by the illustrator of their favorite Roald Dahl books, they’ll love this low-pressure, high-fun activity book.

27. Moff Band ($55): The ultimate gift for pretend play, this wearable band responds to your kiddos’ moves and gestures with awesome special-effect sounds.

28. Screen Printing Kit ($65): Now that they can whip up their own quirky tees, don’t be surprised if you get one next Christmas. And since all the paints are odorless and non-toxic, that’s one less thing you’ll need to worry about.

Which gift would the young artist in your life like best? Fill us in below!