Maybe it鈥檚 the nostalgic remnants of those annual 鈥渂ack to school鈥 vibes from childhood, but nothing gets us in the fall spirit like a beautiful and organized workspace. And when that workspace belongs to an inspiring female entrepreneur (and Brit + Co contributor!) like Ariel Garneau, you *know* we鈥檙e all over it. Garneau needed to upgrade the desk area for her (aptly named) photography and events company, Blush & Brass Studios. But as the queen of colorful and whimsical decorating, she knew there could be nothing mundane about where she does her creative work. Enter: Probably the coolest office ever.

鈥淚 wanted [it] to feel playful, empowering, and serve as a functional extension of the rest of the space,鈥 says Garneau. 鈥淪ome of the areas within the studio are super staged, but my office/desk doesn鈥檛 get shot much, so it could be a little more fun.鈥 Fun is a major understatement here. The shelves are packed with so many quirky and unique tchotchkes that we can鈥檛 decide where to look first. But under the knickknacks and toys, there鈥檚 a strong current of girl power running through the entire office. 鈥淎s a strong female businesswoman, I also wanted it to convey those vibes. I think my choice of art prints does it,鈥 she says.

Garneau selected prints that would give her a boost of confidence during long desk sessions, but she was also mindful of making sure to support fellow female artists with her picks. 鈥淚 could have just purchased some generic 鈥榞o girl鈥 stuff in stores, but I wanted to support other women working hard for the money,鈥 she says. 鈥淚 reached out to female owned/designed stores on Etsy and eventually found the perfect matches.鈥 We especially love the Women Of All Colors print by Texas artist Rhianna Marie Chan (top photo, $15).

Each artistic detail in the space brings a little more encouragement to Garneau as she tackles the joys and challenges of running her own business. 鈥淛ust as there are highs, there are lows to this industry, and when I鈥檓 feeling down I wanted some inspiration,鈥 she explains.

Garneau鈥檚 main requirement for the workspace was shelving, and lots of it. 鈥淭he move with the vertical storage was to better store and display all my fun little props and accessories, so I looked to them [for inspiration],鈥 she says. Some items were things Garneau already had, but others found their way into her possession throughout the course of the makeover. Her decision to use gold brackets brings a glamorous touch to the hardworking shelves.

Naturally, the space had to incorporate plenty of pink to achieve the 鈥渂lush鈥 part of the 鈥渂lush and brass鈥 equation. Garneau painted over a standard green chalkboard in Behr Bella Mia, a muted shade of pink that tied in perfectly with some of her best accessories. While such a candy-coated hue might have been overpowering on all the walls, using it on a single oversized chalkboard made for a sort of faux accent wall effect that鈥檚 both impactful and portable.

鈥淚 think my single favorite detail is the doll Airstream,鈥 says Garneau. 鈥淚 bought it as part of a bundle when shopping for a Barbie dream house鈥 long story short, I鈥檓 selling 鈥榙ream house鈥 key tags on my site, and wanted to get some props for styling images. I absolutely love the retro look and feel.鈥 We can definitely see a similar retro vibe translated throughout the room with the speakers, suitcase, and vintage-inspired lamps. All in all, we think this femme-and-feminist space is totally befitting Garneau鈥檚 #girlboss tendencies.

(Images via PMQ For Two)

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