It’s spring cleaning time! That’s out with the old, in with the new… and this time around we mean new as in, new Kickstarter projects to pledge! We have to start budgeting our backing habits around here, but that doesn’t mean we can’t share our obsessions with you all, right? Behold: 10 of our new favorite finds for your home, your gadgets and our future.

1. Fraemes: Accessories were made to be changed regularly and that goes for our phone’s accessories too. Fraemes makes it easy to switch up your smartphone style with 3D-printed cases that have candy-colored, customizable and (here’s the important part) interchangeable inserts so you’ll NEVER get bored while texting. And think of how good you’ll look while selfie-ing?! Hurry! This is a project that has hours left and still a few bucks to make its goal. Back the project with $50 and you’ll be able to design your very own insert!

2. Pluk: These little hanging fruit baskets are handcrafted in Denmark and designed to help keep your fruit fresher longer… but we think they could bring a whole different kinda freshness to just about any room in our house. They’d look adorbs with air plants, sweet with stuffed animals (like in that pic!). Best yet, you get to choose your color by Pantone. Sigh. Pledge £23 (about $39 USD) for a plastic Pluk, £41 ($69) for a metal Pluk or £107 ($179) for a wood version.

3. Arq: This affordable aluminum dock will prop up all of your smartphones and tablets, any makes, models, covers or no covers. Designed with nesting furniture in mind, scoop up multiples to organize all of your devices, cozied up together. Every $19 pledge nabs you one and more means you can mix and match with 10 different shades to choose from.

4. Laser-Engraved Skate Decks: Okay so we don’t technically skateboard, but maybe we’ll start. Or maybe we’ll just use these laser-engraved skate decks to decorate our space — make a bench out of? Those patterns are amazing and each is designed and produced in-house at their Brooklyn-based shop. $70 gets you a deck and $90 would snag you a custom deck engraved with your own artwork.

5. Nomad: The next stop on our international tour of Kickstarter awesomeness takes us to Australia with the Nomad, a sleek, weatherproof satchel that lets you sketch and create on the go, anywhere you go. Using a sling that helps you prop up your pad while standing, Nomad works like a pop-up easel. For a pledge of $137 USD, this might be the perfect gift for the artist in your life.

6. Common Fibers: What? You thought carbon fiber was just for making things like rockets and race cars? It is, but Common Fibers figured out a way to use it to make the coolest wallets you’ve ever seen and/or carried in your pockets. They crushed their initial Kickstarter goal in days and are already on their way to being able to offer new colors and weaves. Snag a slim wallet for $35 or an iPhone wallet for $75 through the campaign and pray to the techy fashion gods for the Fem Fatale Clutchto get here ASAP. We can hear the slogan now… Carbon fiber: Strong enough for a jet, cool enough for you to tote your cards and coupons in.

7. Grmr Gratitude Co.: If you’re looking for an excuse to write more letters, this is it. This service will ship you a new pack of cards featuring beautiful, new images every month along with everything you need to send it. The cards are gorgeous and unique, envelopes are beautiful — and a wax press even?! Paper nerds be prepared to geek OUT. This project was successfully funded, but you can shop the service soon here!

8. The Performance Blazer: Dudes who hate to iron, listen up. The Mizzen+Main 0-5 Performance Blazer can be scrunched up in a duffel bag and worn for a big important meeting without dry cleaning, steaming or doing anything to it. Wait. Forget “dudes” who hate to iron, where is my performance blazer?!

9. Mi.Mu Glove For Music: Neil Young isn’t the only musician in the Kickstarter game. Imogen Heap is behind this wearable, a glove that takes the music-making process away from computers and knobs and lets you use gesture controls to craft tunes with your hands. Their goal is to break down the barriers between musicians and machines one air guitar sesh at a time. A single glove will be about a $2,475 pledge — and an investment in the future of music!!

10. The UpStanding Desk: We got you excited to get up and stand up while you’re working and now you’ve been dropping hints to your boss/HR dept every day, right? Send them a link to this, a set up that turns any desk or table into a standing desk. $225 will get you one of the last standard desks or if you feel like you can DIY it just as good, a $25 pledge will deliver you a “Back It // Hack It” link to download the files you need to cut pieces and build your own.

What projects have you funded or found on Kickstarter this month? Share below!