While you were deciding whether or not Cuddlr was too creepy for its own good (yes, it definitely is), we were downloading apps that strengthened our brains, organized our life and gave us mores likes on Instagram. You can, too! Really! Five of our favorites are waiting for you below in this week’s DL of What’s App-ening on our phones.

1. Peak: Pause your Pilates app and your pedometer for a sec and switch on Peak to train another important “muscle” — your brain. Using fun games designed by neuroscience experts, this app works your problem solving, memory, focus, mental agility and language skills. It even feels a little like an activity tracking app, letting you set personal goals to work (and workout) toward.

Cost: The download is free for iOS but in-app purchases and the Peak Pro Plan will quickly add up, though cost you less than similar programs like Lumosity.

2. Post-it Plus: Ready for this? Yup, cue the pump up jams because Post-it’s app is going to work up the inner organizational nerd in you. This app takes a picture of your Post-it Notes (yes, alllll your Post-it Notes) and digitizes them for you, letting you organize them into different groups, add or even remove them. IT’S SO COOL. Zoom in to get a closer look at your now-digitized chicken scratch on individual notes and even share your genius ideas by exporting boards in PDF, PowerPoint or Excel form. Going from work to home and not forgetting that genius idea or that grocery list you scribbled down has never been this simple.

Cost: Free for iOS

3. Fotograf: This just-launched camera app complements iOS 8 and aims to bring classic photography back to your iPhone. The company’s filters aren’t just cutely named nonsense, they’re actually supposed to let you capture “the most timeless styles in photography” from the comfort of your smartphone. Taking it for a test drive this week, it felt like having a very intuitive mobile version of Photoshop on my phone that did cooler things to my photos in a few taps than I ever could left to my own devices and a 27” iMac. (Psst, also, we love their logo.)

Cost: $1.99 for iOS

4. WanderList: As a newbie in SF who uses my phone to guide me around this beautiful, oft-stinky city, this app is a blessing. My biggest complaint is that it didn’t launch, oh, you know, when I moved here like eight months ago. Google Maps is great and all, but sometimes a girl needs to know more than just a destination and how long it will take to get there in Uber time. This app works like Foursquare, with a refined Thrillist edge, unlocking things to do, how to do them and pointing out which are cool enough to brag about to in-the-know locals. If you are traveling through our fair city, make sure to DL this for a cheat sheet of hotspots.

Cost: Free for Android and iOS + we’ll keep an eye out and let you know if and when it comes to a city near you!

5. WeSnap: Get creative with your photos and your long distance friendships and relationships with this coming soon app. You take half of a photo, share it with your better halves and they take the other half. Hilarity and, okay, hopefully some un-Instagramable photos will ensue.

Cost: Don’t kill me, but this one isn’t available just yet. Sign up here to get early access when it goes live.

Bonus ICYMI Apps!

Spruce: Visit your dermatologist… FROM YOUR PHONE with this handy app.

14 Food Apps: Whether you’re looking for a restaurant or a meal to go, this is the list to keep DLed next time your tummy rumbles.

PopKey: Put your emoji obsession on pause and start GIFing to your friends.

What was your favorite app of the week? Share a recent DL you DLed and LUVed below!