We gave you a sneak peek at 30 of the coolest features iOS 8 will bring to your phone when it is available to download later this fall, but new deets about the operating system’s camera are here. And they’re giving us at least 30 new reasons to set up the tripod and strengthen our bi’s, tri’s and forearms. You know the muscle groups you use whenever you snap a pic. What?

While we’ve been buzzing about the iPhone 6 since, well, since it was our turn after a wait in an overnight line to pick up our 5s, we haven’t exactly been psyched about its camera. Partly because Apple wasn’t planning on a major upgrade for its upcoming model — or at least that’s what we thought. Other smartphones might be racking up the megapixels on their way to the market, but Apple is doing things a little differently and upgrading their native camera app with a revamped, throwback experience. Anandtech reports that iOS 8 will launch with new features that transform your iPhone into a manual camera.

What you’re working and Instagraming with now is all automatic, but you’ll have the option of taking pictures with iOS 8 like you did in your high school photog class. Get ready to revive your knowledge of shutter speeds and bring “aperture” back into your vocab. On top of the new filters and features Apple’s new operating system offers, you’ll be able to adjust ISO, shutter speed, focus, white balance and exposure bias manually right from the native iPhone camera app.

Forget the filters after you snap a picture, you’ll now be able to take the perfect shot in the moment by adjusting the length of the exposure, how much light you’re capturing with each click or what you’re focused on. The new features will sharpen your photography skills and enhance your video capturing. Take SLR-quality photos of friends, family, food, projects all while deflecting the shade from that guy who’s always capturing the moment with a “real camera.” Hey, this is our real camera now!

And we’ll admit it — Appleholics will be bringing a lot more to the smartphone photo competition in like-for-like battles with Android allies (especially those with a newer HTC or phones featuring Nokia’s Pro Camera). Way before our photos even make their way to Instagram.

What smartphone do you have — and how would you critique its camera? Have a favorite photo app you’ll still go to? Share it with us below!

(Photos + h/t Anandtech + iPhone 6 mockup)