Once you’ve slaved your way through boot camp, barre, boxing and burpees, it’s time to rock that post-workout glow outside the gym. But just because your roots are a tad greasy and you’re short on time doesn’t mean you can’t exercise your right to stylish hair. We’ve shown you the best gym-friendly hairstyles. Now it’s time to check out 17 different ‘dos to wear after your next sweat session.

1. Frenchie Pony: Rule number one with sweaty hair: You don’t want it touching your face. That doesn’t mean you have to resort to a basic, boring ponytail. Throw in a side French braid that extends to the back of your head, then let the rest of that mane hang. (via Brit + Co)

2. Multi-Ponytail: With a comb and a handful of elastics, you can walk out of the locker room with haute couture hair in less than a minute. (via Refinery29)

3. Top Knot With Headband: If your hair is long enough, a high topknot is pretty much every woman’s go-to ‘do after a workout. To add more style with little effort, pair it with a bright headband. (via Etsy)

4. Messy Braid: As beauty trends embrace the slightly disheveled look, it’s a great time to get away with an imperfect style, like this French braid gone wild. (via A Beautiful Mess)

5. High Ponytail With Waves: A ponytail is the ideal way to get your hair out of your face and let your post-workout glow shine. Have a few extra mintues? Add some waves with a curling iron. (via Beauty High)

6. Sleek Low Bun: Don’t think of greasy roots as a problem; think of them as a tool to craft a slick, constructed bun that’ll hold in place well after your run. (via Lena Magda Spot)

7. Twist Ponytail: If you’re headed straight to dinner from the gym, this twist ponytail is just as much about fashion as it is about staying cool after the gym. (via 100 Layer Cake)

8. Cross ‘n’ Wrap: For a similar look that’s a little more controlled, fancy up your basic pony with this easy cross and wrap technique. (via Brit + Co)

9. Half-up Top Knot: Can’t decide between a bun or letting it all out? This in-between ‘do is your answer. (via His Little Lady)

10. Fishtail Updo: No headband? No problem! Use a fishtail braid to create a pulled-together look. (via Brit + Co)

12. Braided Ponytail: If you’re extra time-crunched, this hybrid hairstyle works both in and outside the gym. Spritz a touch of dry shampoo on your roots if you’re feeling greasy. (via Twist Me Pretty)

13. French Roll Twist: Calling all curly girls! This coiff pulls together ringlets into a compact, constructed updo. (via Top Inspired)

14. Braided Pigtails: To prevent the style from looking too twee, keep braids loose. The more tendrils that fall out, the better. (via Refinery29)

15. Messy Dutch Pigtails: Shorter hair ladies can get in on the pigtail action as well. Rather than going for loose braids, go Dutch! (via Brit + Co)

16. Two-Minute Easy Updo: We’ve shared this quick ‘do once before, but it’s just too good (and easy!) not to share again. (via Hello Natural)

17. Side Twists + Chevron Pins: If you’ve had a proper sweat sesh, not showering is out of the question. But that doesn’t mean you want to be in the locker room for an hour getting ready to go meet your friends. Keep this wet hairstyle in your back pocket for when you want to wet and jet. (via Brit + Co)

Which look will you be styling after your next workout?