So obvi you’re at the gym to look good outside of the gym, but that doesn’t mean your daily workout has to be relegated to the land of messy ponytails. We know you’re a busy lady, and we want you to have a hairstyle that can quickly transition from the gym to wherever else you’re going after, be that work or play. After all, you’ve got a slammin’ sports bra, some awesome gadgets and a tasty post-workout snack, so all you need is a rockin’ ‘do to be all powered up! Grab a hair tie and some pins, and get braiding. You’ve got a workout to get to!

1. Twist and Wrapped Low Pony: If you can use a bobby pin, you can master this pony. Those layers of interlocking twists? They’re just pinned pieces with the ends tucked under each other. (via Refinery29)

2. Segmented Pony: Got some spare hair ties? Your ponytail need never be boring again! And a bonus? We promise this look will only take five minutes! (via Brit + Co)

3. Pinned Up Ponytail: No offense to Willow Smith — because we enjoy whipping our hair as much as the next girl — but it’s not really what we’re about while on the treadmill or elliptical. This simple pony gets an upgrade courtesy of some bobby pins. Pin the top for height and the ends for security, and you’re good to go. (via Hair Romance)

4. The Easiest Messy Bun in the World: The topknot might just be the Rachel of our generation. This bun looks voluminous and intense, but it’s actually super quick — all while keeping your hair off your neck. (via Beautylish)

5. Tiered Ponytail: An elementary hairstyle, all grown up. Plenty of tiers keeps the style tight with no wayward wisps, and you can take out the bottom couple when you leave the gym for an instant polished ‘do. (via Fashercise)

6. Fishtail Braid: The fishtail braid might be everywhere right now, but that’s because this ‘do is perfect for the ladies with the layers. It keeps all your ends tucked in and lets you channel your favorite Disney princess queen. We know you use some Disney power ballads to pump yourself up, too. (via Once Wed)

7. Pigtail Buns: We love that this style will works for the shorties, too. It gets your hair out of the way while keeping you stylish. Make your afternoon workout, then meet some peeps for smoothies or other adventures. You cool. (via Brit + Co)

8. French Braided Messy Bun: We love that braids automatically up the cool factor of your ‘do while still being super simple. And the braid-and-bun combo is the perfect look for a variety of workouts, from a run to spin class. Just make sure not to go light on the bobby pins. (via Twist Me Pretty)

9. 4 Way Boxer Braids: When we’re stumped, the gals at The Beauty Department always have a solution to our hair woes. These tight French braids can be dressed a number of ways to suit your workout style. (via The Beauty Department)

10. Triple French Braid Double Waterfall Bun: We’ve been promised that this is much easier than it looks. And if you need a ‘do that can transition from the gym to the office with ease, here’s your gal. (via Missy Sue)

11. Mini Braids into Fishtail Braid: Talk about flyaway security. Braid your hair into a number of tiny plaits, then weave those into a fishtail. Your hair is staying put, no hairspray needed. (via Brit + Co)

12. Dutch Braided Topknot: Sometimes, no matter how many pins we use, our bottom layers just keep escaping. And no one wants to have sweaty hair plastered to their neck… let’s just not go there. The under-braid keeps your hair in place and the topknot keeps you stylish. (via Twist Me Pretty)

13. Halo Braid: Gone are the days when carrying the milk pail counted as your arm routine, but we’re glad that didn’t mean leaving milkmaid braids behind. With your crown of braids, you are officially the queen of the gym. (via Wedding Chicks)

How do you style your ‘do for your workout? Do you go for the intricate braid or are you a quick and dirty ponytail kind of girl?