The only thing worse than getting saddled with DJ duties for the night is dying to hear a song when a friend is hogging the speakers. Whether you’re at a small gathering or a huge bash, music can either make or break the night. So why not let everyone get in on the phone? A new app, Pow Wow, allows you to create collaborative playlists on the go — it’s like a modern-day, awesome jukebox.

The app, free on iOS, uses Spotify to create a truly social music experience. As long as one of your friends has a Spotify premium account, y’all can get DJing! You start by selecting one of your playlists to act as the “base” for your jam sesh. Then you can invite your friends to the individual Pow Wow so they can help you DJ. Pick your friends who you know have outstanding taste and leave out the prankster that’ll pick Cotton Eye Joe six times in a row!

Once everyone’s logged in and invited, it’s time to pick the jams. The app will use your playlist, but when people add new songs to the Pow Wow, they’ll start playing, in order. If your dance party is going on all night and people’s songs have played through, it’ll revert back to your playlist so you’ll never be without a groove.

One of our favorite features of this app is Friend2friend music discovery. If you love a song that your friend picked, you can star it directly from the app and it’ll get added to your Spotify library. No more yelling over the music at your pal, “Hey, WHAT song is this?” and then totally forgetting a minute later.

We’re loving that this app allows you to forgo the DJ and listen to whatever songs the group likes, and discover new jams at the same time! We wish there was an option for people to “veto” songs that they aren’t feeling though.

What do you think about Pow Wow? Would you use it? Are there any other collaborative music apps we should know about?