You’ve probably just reached homeostasis from all that Halloween candy, but the next few weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas are going to be the most trying. With all the prep work comes lots of stress, and you don’t want to risk coming away with frayed wires — or worse, with a case of the sniffles. We’re there to help with 13 hacks to boost your immune system and hit the reset button on your body so you’ll feel your absolute best, inside and out.

1. Switch Up Your Morning Brew: We know… to even suggest giving up caffeine during the holidays is cray cray. But hear us out. This six-ingredient elixir warms you from the inside out — ginger to promote digestion, liver-cleansing turmeric, anti-inflammatory cinnamon and a kick of cayenne come together to kickstart your body for a day of mindful eating and mental clarity. The fresh version is best, but you can also pick up a box of Yogi Tea DeTox ($5) to keep at your desk. (via Into the Gloss)

2. Instead of Jam, Spread Veggies on Your Toast: The Hemsley sisters are known for their “better for you versions of popular foods” on their blog, Hemsley + Hemsley, and they just released their first cookbook, The Art of Eating Well. So yeah, they know a thing or two about making healthy food that tastes delicious, too. More likely than not, avocado toast has been filling up your Insta feed during peak brunch hours, and Melissa and Jasmine have a veggie version of the green spread that combines broccoli, peas and mint. You get a healthy dose of fiber with the veg, garlic boosts your immune system and the fresh mint works wonders for your digestive system. (via T Magazine)

3. Combat Bloating With Dry Brushing: We brush our teeth twice (sometimes thrice) daily and give our mane 100 strokes before bed (a la Marcia Brady), but did you know that brushing your skin helps fight bloating? Dry brushing is a common naturopathic practice, massaging your lymph nodes to release excess water and toxins (your skin is the largest organ, after all) and improving digestion and kidney function. And with all the bubbly to be had, you need all of your systems to be in tiptop shape. Pick up a body brush ($4) with natural bristles and brush upward and toward your heart with light but firm strokes. After you’ve brushed from head to toe, sip on a mug of hot tea and lemon (or a cup of detox tea) to kickstart your digestive system. (via Brit + Co)

4. Take It to the Mat: The stress of the holiday bustle can get the best of us. Remember to take time for yourself, whether with meditation or yoga. This eight-pose sequence is designed to get your blood flowing and stimulate your circulatory, digestive and lymphatic systems to eliminate the toxins built up in your muscles. Deep breath in… and out. Ahhhhhhh. (via PopSugar)

5. Sip a Smoothie: The best way to squeeze in those recommended servings of fruits and veggies is with a fresh fruit smoothie. LC starts her day with this blend of beets, avocado, celery, strawberries and apple. The concoction of superfoods is one you’ll be happy to have for breakfast, too. (via Lauren Conrad)

6. Take a Charcoal Tablet: This is the weirdest way to detox out of the bunch, but did you know that activated charcoal is one of the oldest and most trusted remedies? It’s been used to soak up toxins because of its absorption properties. Some people take it after a heavy meal or to prevent a hangover, and some even brush their teeth with charcoal powder. If you’re not ready to bite the bullet just yet, try lathering up with activated charcoal soap ($18). (via Harper’s Bazaar)

7. Sip Your Way to Glowing Skin: Here’s another way to ingest charcoal. Juice Generation, an NYC-based pressed juice bar, just launched a line of charcoal-infused drinks and clay-infused shooters that detox from the inside out and result in flawless skin. What ever happened to just putting on a clay mask before bed? (via PopSugar)

8. Eat Clean for Clear Skin: If you thought you Instagrammed yourself to the limit on Halloween, just wait until Friendsgiving and Christmas. But filters can only do so much to amp up your mug for those shots. Take the time before and after Turkey Day to snack on almonds and sunflower seeds, which both contain skin boosting Vitamin E. Chia seeds are a great source of Omega-3 fatty acids, and you can stir them into muffins, smoothies and jam. (via Beauty High)

9. Spice It Up: In addition to adding flavor to your food, spices also work wonders in your bath water. That’s right, bring a classic spa treatment home with a mustard soak ($32), an ancient remedy for sore muscles, strained nerves and seasonal allergies and illnesses. A 30-minute soak is like pressing a reset button on your entire body. And who doesn’t want that? (via Beauty High)

10. Prep Meals for the Week Ahead: “A Sunday well-spent brings a week of content.” We’ve seen this proverb popping up on our feed for a while, and full disclosure, we’ve been guilty of spending a Sunday (or two) Netflix-bingeing. Instead of heading straight home after brunch, mosey on over to the farmers market and pick out some produce that catches your eye to throw into some recipes for the week. It’s all about preparing healthy ingredients for future meals. Make a pot of quinoa, roast a pan of veggies, de-stem your kale, whip up a batch of chia pudding for breakfast or blend up a mason jar of homemade dressing. A few hours of prep work will guarantee a week of clean eating. (via Into the Gloss)

11. Host an Anti-Holiday Detox Dinner: And with that prepped kale, you can easily throw together this One Pot Kale and Quinoa Pilaf. It’s part of a menu for a light, filling dinner that you can make for you and your SO or invite a few foodie friends over, too. (via Food52)

12. Have a Bowl of Cleansing, Comforting Soup: Cabbage is known for its superfood power of being antioxidant rich and promoting digestive health and mental clarity. Whip up a pot of this vegetarian broth-based soup to get your fill of fiber. It’s low in calories and salt, and the apple cider vinegar will balance your body’s pH level. (via Lauren Conrad)

13. Eat Colorful, Nutrient Rich Foods: You’ve heard this tip time and time again, but for reals, now’s the time to fill up your plate with the gorgeous fall produce that’s in season right now. Besides being beautiful in color, beets are packed with antioxidants, folate, fiber and potassium. As our favorite farmer, Dwight Schrute, would suggest, it’s best to eat them raw (juiced or sliced in salads) for maximum nutritional benefits. (via Women’s Health)

What are your favorite ways to stay healthy during the holidays? Tell us in the comments!