School鈥檚 out for the summer, and the kiddos are oh-so excited. We know the little ones worked hard all spring and they probably want to relax a little bit. But let鈥檚 not forget that relaxing doesn鈥檛 necessarily mean they can鈥檛 keep聽learning. Many children suffer a learning loss caused by a long summer break without educational activities, also known as 鈥渂rain drain.鈥 According to a聽study by Carson-Dellosa, 鈥85 percent of teachers have to spend the first two weeks of back-to-school re-teaching their students.鈥 Summer聽learning can be so much fun, and with those聽kiddos being聽curious about everything, it can also be super entertaining to watch. Read on for some tips to combat summer brain drain this year.


1. DIY Felt Vegetable Garden: Teaching them the importance of farming聽will ignite their scientific curiosity. If you have room to plant your own vegetable garden, then by all means, go ahead. But if you don鈥檛 have the room, don鈥檛 worry 鈥 you can still try this learning project by sewing your own vegetables. They鈥檒l go back to school knowing where food comes from and might teach their peers a thing or two about it. (via A Beautiful Mess)

Earth 1

2. Earth Cake: If learning always included cake, then we would probably be up for it all the time. You can further your young one鈥檚 planetary knowledge by providing this super fun visual experience鈥 that they can also eat ;) (via聽Table Spoon)


3. The Human Body App聽($4 on iOS): We should all learn a little bit more about how our body works. The bright and colorful illustrations on this app keep children entertained and wanting to learn more.


4. Constellation Activity: Who isn鈥檛 inspired by the stars and the sky in general? Next time you go stargazing with the kids, they鈥檒l be able to point out the Big Dipper, no prob. (via Kids Activities Blog)


5. TenMarks Math聽(Free on聽Amazon): Math can be a tricky subject for all of us. Some of our little ones LOVE math, while others can鈥檛 stand the sight or thought of it. Either situation presents a perfect opportunity to sharpen those math skills.


6. Make an Instrument: There鈥檚 a little musician in every child just waiting to come out. Spark their imagination by helping them create their own instrument. Maybe they鈥檒l want to join a聽band once school starts again. (via Alice and Lois)


7. Rosetta Stone for Kids聽(Free on聽Amazon): It鈥檚 easier for kids to learn a new language than adults. So why not allow them to expand their horizons by learning a different language over the summer?聽This will be a great foundation聽for your future聽world traveler.


8. Kiwi Crate: Most of the time, we are too busy to pick up crafting supplies for our kids. Kiwi Crate is a subscription service that delivers DIY supplies right to your doorstep. It鈥檚 just what you need聽to keep the kids excited and learning with their hands all summer long. (Photo via Bluebird)


9. Enhance Literacy: Help your child advance their reading skills with the interactive games on websites like PBS聽and聽FunBrain. This allows them to take a tiny break from reading, while practicing in a different way. (via PBS Kids)


10. Building Skills: Get your kid鈥檚 creative mind going with this building activity. A child鈥檚 imagination is vivid and can come up with many ideas, so give them some handy tools to make something they are proud of and can play with. (via All for the Boys)

What are some fun activities you do with your kids to combat brain drain?