Whether you only carve a pumpkin for Halloween or choose to roast your own for recipes, you’re usually left over with plenty of those sticky seeds. And while they may be a little gross raw, once cooked they’re a delicious powerhouse of protein and vitamins. So what’s the logical thing to do? Add them to a collection of treats for desserts, breakfasts and snacks to make your sugar cravings just a bit healthier. Here are 27 deliciously sweet recipes to make with all those pumpkin seeds.

1. Ultimate Pumpkin Cupcakes with Candied Pepitas: Let’s start with the most delectable dessert we could find. This cupcake gets a double dose of pumpkin. The flesh is mixed into the cake, and the seeds are candied on top for a sweet and salty crunch. (via Bake Noir)

2. Maple Toasted Cranberry Muesli: Muesli, a lightly baked mixture of oats, seeds and dried fruit, gets a unique dose of sweetness thanks to pure maple syrup. Top a bowl of this healthy mix with your favorite yogurt or milk for a wholesome breakfast. (via Delicious As It Looks)

3. Vanilla Millet Porridge With Fruits and Seeds: Millet is a great alternative for anyone who’s gluten-free. The creamy texture serves as a mild base for whatever toppings you like. Here, vanilla and cinnamon add flavor to the porridge, while pumpkin seeds and nectarines add protein and sugar. (via Teaspoon)

4. Pumpkin Pie Spice Granola: Granola, like muesli, is a hearty and healthy breakfast, perfect over your favorite dairy product. Heck, you could even eat this stuff right out of the jar if you want. Don’t worry, everyone does it (us included). (via Enjoy What You Create)

5. Pomegranate Molasses Cake With Pumpkin Seeds: A rich fruity cake, studded with pumpkin seeds and topped with a decadent icing? We’ll be lining up to get a slice ASAP, especially since this cake is bursting with antioxidants from the pepitas and the pomegranate. (via 10th Kitchen)

6. Baked Carrot Cake Oatmeal: Moving away from dessert and onto breakfast (though who says they can’t be one and the same), this baked carrot cake oatmeal has just the right amount of sugar. It’s sweet enough to feel like a treat, without giving you a nasty sugar rush to crash from later. (via Goodness Green)

7. Sriracha Maple Pumpkin Seeds: Can’t have your something sweet without a little spice? Try these Sriracha maple pepitas, which are the perfect mix of sweet and savory thanks to the garlicky kick from the hot sauce and the mellow sugar from the syrup. (via Savory Simple)

8. Chocolate Nut and Seed Bars: These power bars couldn’t be easier to make. Any snack that involves chocolate and is still actually good for us is a hands-down winner. (via Wondering Root)

9. Raw Superfood Balls: Pop a few of these treats in your bag for a snack or grab one right before you head to the gym. They are literally packed full of superfoods, including hemp and pumpkin seeds, goji berries and cacao nibs. Dates bind everything together for a treat that’s vegan, raw and super healthy. (via Veggies Don’t Bite)

10. Cinnamon Maple Pumpkin Seeds: While these simple roasted seeds might seem like the perfect munchy, we also think they’d be great on top of some yogurt or ice cream. (via Pidge’s Pantry)

11. Baked Brie With Maple-Pumpkin Butter, Almonds and Pepitas: This elegant cheese course could easily substitute as a dessert thanks to a sweet maple honey butter. Top with pepitas and almonds and bake for a decadent and creamy treat all your guests will be gushing about for days afterward. (via Boulder Locavore)

12. Roasted Cinnamon Orange Pumpkin Seeds: This unusual combination, evocative of Northern Africa and the Middle East, adds a bright flash of citrus to heady cinnamon and salty roasted pumpkin seeds. (via My Choux Choux)

13. Pistachio Pumpkin Seed Butter: The blend of seeds and nuts creates a rich spread that you’ll want to put on toast every morning. (via The Lean Green Bean)

14. Pumpkin Bread With Maple Icing: This lovely breakfast bread is made from only unprocessed ingredients. That means more whole grains and healthy oils, without sacrificing any delicious flavor. (via The Vintage Mixer)

15. Salted Pepita Chocolate Bark: We love to give baked goods and sweets as gifts around the holidays, and this chocolate bark is a perfect addition to our repertoire. It’s super simple to make but tastes so delicious that no one will even notice. (via A Calculated Whisk)

16. Trail Mix Cookies: Take these cookies on your next hike or eat them for breakfast. They’re full of whole grains, nuts, seeds and dried fruit to give you just the boost of energy you need to get through your day. As if we’d ever ignore a chance to eat cookies for breakfast! (via Scientifically Sweet)

17. Roasted Pepitas Trail Mix: If cookies aren’t your thing but you still want an energy-rich snack for the trail, try this simple mix of pepitas, dried cranberries and chocolate chips. It’s ridiculously easy to pull together. (via Food Apparel)

18. Pumpkin Seed Puppy Chow: Serve this pumpkin-filled snack at your next Halloween party and everyone will be begging for the recipe. It’s up to you whether you tell them about the secret ingredient (pepitas!) that gives it that delightful crunch. (via Brit + Co.)

19. Nutella Banana Bread: Um, excuse us while we go make this recipe ASAP. Creamy chocolate hazelnut banana walnut pumpkin seed bread? More like the dessert of our sweetest dreams. (via Msz Know It All)

20. Cranberry Buckwheat Energy Bars: These sweet energy bars are what we imagine would happen if a Larabar and Cliff bar had a baby. They’re loaded with good fats and natural sugars for a healthy boost. (via Vitamin Sunshine)

21. Honey Sriracha Pumpkin Seeds: Honey mellows the spice of Sriracha without wiping out that savory kick. Nosh on for a snack or use these to top another sweet and savory recipe, like pumpkin soup or fresh fall salad. (via Soup Addict)

22. Pumpkin Seed and Pomegranate Coins: A dark chocolate treat perfect for any holiday dessert plate, this simple dessert perfectly blends sweet and sour, crunchy and smooth. (via May I Have That Recipe)

23. Breakfast Rice Pudding: Rice pudding for breakfast? Normally it wouldn’t be our first choice, but brown rice and bananas make this a light, sweet breakfast rather than a heavy sugar bomb. We are very big fans of the swap. (via Dessert for Two)

24. Baked Crunch Blackberry Oatmeal: If you’ve got some bruised fresh berries or are just dying to use those ones in your freezer, this baked oatmeal is the way to use them up. Tons of crunch from pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds and hazelnuts up the deliciousness. (via Foolproof Living)

25. Cherry Almond Energy Bars: Plenty of summery ingredients (like cherries) fill these energy bars. But we’d pick them up for a vitamin, protein and antioxidant boost any season. (via A Pinch of Thyme)

26. Sweet and Salty Chocolate Covered Pumpkin Seeds: Good luck not getting addicted to this yummy chocolate treat. If you’re worried about eating too much, just invite some friends over for a party to nosh on them all night. (via the Diva Dish)

27. Pumpkin Seed Power Bars: Pack these in a lunchbox for anyone with a food allergy. The ingredients are super easy to swap out so you can mix and match to create the best bar for you. (via Lexie’s Kitchen)

Which of these tasty sweets are you most excited to try this fall? Got a recipe of your own? Share it below!