As much as you probably want to scoff at a tween with an iPhone 6 when you’re still rocking a 4s, tech for the kiddie set can do some amazing things. All year, we’ve taken a closer look at apps, gadgets and games that encourage development at all levels and STEAM-powered education initiatives for young girls and boys of all ages and incomes. Yes, tech *can* be accessible or kids who aren’t toting around the aforementioned iPhone 6, and PuzzlePiece is trying to prove it with an affordable tablet and app system. Cool, but what’s so special about them? Their system is designed specifically for children with autism.

PuzzlePiece is an Android tablet ($19) and monthly service ($19/month) that provides access to a collection of over 80 apps and video games, designed and approved by board-certified behavioral analysts for children with autism. There are social stories that focus on social interaction and development.

Additional games with engaging graphics and colors can be used to reward children for completing social stories, keeping the app fun and exciting no matter what.

Puzzle Piece even comes with an app called One Voice, which uses clear pictures and natural speaking tones to help a non-verbal child communicate with family and friends, learning important words and phrases without the usual heftier costs of a service like this.

What do you think of this unique and interesting tool for kids with autism? Share your thoughts and stories below!