Fact: Tea is the second most popular drink in the world, falling second only to water. Which kind of makes sense. Thanks to all those antioxidants and soothing qualities, tea is pretty much the perfect drink for the cold weather ahead, regardless of whether you use it for your caffeine fix. And if you’re going to brew it, you better brew it right.

Qi is an innovative tea-maker that blends technology and style to help you brew the perfect mug of goodness. You can use loose-leaf tea, tea bags or specially selected Qi tea blends in the maker.

Depending on the kind of tea you’re making (which will affect the brewing time and temperature for optimal taste), simply drop in the tea and the patent-pending brewing mechanism circulates the heated water gently over the leaves. This increases the immersion of the leaves and aeration of the brew to get you the cleanest, most pure flavor.

What’s unique about Qi is that it gives you ultimate control on how to brew your brew. If you prefer super strong tea, just adjust the settings via your phone to circulate the water for longer. Prefer a lighter blend? No problem. It caters to your tastes.

If just the thought of this little teapot has your pinky raised, head over to Kickstarter, where you can still nab an early-bird special by pledging $149.

What do you think of this innovative tea maker? Would you use it in your kitchen? Tell us in the comments below!