“Good things come to those who wait” is definitely THE motto of the craft beverage world, especially when it comes to making tea or coffee. No matter how much we wish upon a latte for it to not be true, you simply just can’t get a more robust flavor out of your quick-brew Keurig tea just like you can’t make the painstaking pour over process to-go-friendly. Time (and super fresh ingredients, and expert know-how) has always been the key to coaxing out the most refined flavors in our bevs until this high-tech brew machine stepped into the cafe. The BKON Craft Brewer boasts the power to craft a more perfectly infused cuppa than any other brewing method, and can do it in 60 seconds flat.

The countertop BKON is bulky for being a single-serving device, but we guess it needs the brawn to brew such an exceptional cuppa. The technology it employs to TCB sounds as intimidating as it looks too. Reverse Atmospheric INfusion, or RAIN uses a sous-vide-like process of negative pressure and lower temperatures and other tweakable variables — all of which are confined to that tube-shaped vacuum chamber with your loose leaf tea of choice — to yield what it calls ”Tea 2.0,” or what’s supposed to be THE most full-flavored, uber balanced steep your taste buds will ever experience.

We could totally see why tea connoisseurs, craft coffee nerds and other infusion super fans would be dying to to quench their thirst with the purest of the pure (yes, BKON can make exceptional coffee + cocktails too!), but you’ll definitely have to buddy up to your future barista to give it a try. According to a report from Gizmag, the artisan-level device will retail for $13,000, or about the same price as a flashy La Marzocco espresso machine. We have no problem with leaving this process to the pros — after all, it can only mean faster lines and more ahh-worthy pours at your local coffee shop, which means dreams really do come true.

Would you try a cup of super fast, super flavorful tea from the BKON? Tell us in the comments below.