On Halloween, you can be whoever or whatever you want — so how ‘bout Queen for the day? One of our favorite Halloween makeup videos of the year is also yours. Yup, we’re talking about Nicole Guerriero’s insanely awesome Queen of Hearts tutorial, the number one YouTube makeup tutorial for October. Go, girl! It totally inspired us to do our own take on the Queen of Hearts costume using makeup you can pick up at the drugstore or Sephora.

This tutorial can be a little challenging or pretty simple depending on your skill set. When it comes to makeup, sometimes it is good to skip the rules and just play a little, so use this as inspiration to rule your kingdom October 31st and beyond.

1. Start by putting on your base face, then use bronzer with a mild sheen to contour the hollows of your cheeks, your temples and along your jawline. I used Wet N Wild Ticket to Brazil ($7).

2. Sketch a heart that tapers off around the hollows of your cheeks with a white eyeliner pencil.

3. Use a beauty sponge to fill in the heart with a white creme makeup like Ben Nye Creme Color in White ($6). Gradually lighten the amount of creme makeup as you get to the lower portion of your face so it blends in with your natural skintone. The makeup should almost appear like a face mask.

4. You want this look to stay all night, right? We thought so ;) so it’s important to set the creme makeup with the Natural Set Colorless Face Powder ($28) using a fluffy face brush. Stipple the powder on with the brush instead of dragging it along your face, which could (ah!) smear the makeup.

5. Use a black gel liner and a firm, fine-point synthetic brush to apply liner all the way around your eyes. Make sure the liner is thicker on the outer corners of your eyes. Drama, baby — we’re making you the Queen, after all!

6. Apply a bold black eyeshadow (I used Creep from my fave Naked Palette by Urban Decay [$54]!) in the crease of your eyes using a fluffy shadow brush. Make sure the line toward the inner corners of your eyes is more defined and less blended to really bring some drama to the shape of your eyes.

7. To blend and slightly soften the outer edge of the black shadow, apply Naked from the same Naked Palette by Urban Decay palette ($54) directly to the edge of the black shadow.

8. Curl your lashes and give them a quick once-over with your favorite mascara to prep them for the false eyelashes.

9. Let’s start with your upper lashes! Cut a pair of falsies intended for your upper lashes to the right size for your eyes and place them under your lower lashes on the outer corners. I used Zinkcolor Black Feather Tip Lashes ($10). These will give your eyes a look like one of the symbols from a deck of cards. I used Ardel Accent Lashes for the lower lash line and (BONUS) both I found at my local drugstore. #score!

10. Use the same fine synthetic brush and black gel eyeliner to create tiny hearts just below your eyes.

11. To really make the white heart pop, use a reddish orange shadow to contour its curves. I used Slowburn from the Urban Decay Electric Palette ($49) applied along the top of the heart on the forehead and along the bottom of the heart at the cheekbones. Blend the hue into your natural skin tone.

12. Use the same reddish orange color you contoured with in the last step and a slanted eyebrow brush to fill in your brows.

13. Line your lips with a bright red and fill in with your favorite red lipstick — mine is Nars in Jungle Red ($26).

14. For a final touch on the heart, add highlights using a flat brush and a shimmering white shadow like MAC pressed pigment in Regal Affair ($21).

15. Pin your hair back to create a slightly puffy silhouette on either side of your head.

16. Spray your tresses with white Temporary Colour Hair Spray ($12), (also sold at most drugstores!), to create a stronger base for the red to pop on.

17. Now spray on that red, Queen!

18. For the crown, I had a little DIY session and hot glued the Jack, King and obvs the Queen of hearts to a cheap crown I — you know it — also found at my local drugstore.

We can’t wait to see if any of you try this out or even give your own version a go!! If you do, tweet us and tag us on Instagram @britandco!! Happy Halloweening, Queeny!