The Netflix reboot of Queer Eye has made stars out of both the Fab Five expert panel and the contestants of the show (AKA the “heroes”). But the latest makeover subject is already famous — Saturday Night Live star Pete Davidson recently got the fashion-expert treatment from Tan France, and the video of their shopping trip is the best thing you’ll see today.

“Can I say whatever I want and you’re not going to get mad?” France asked the 24-year-old comedian as they walked around a clothing store. “Do you put this kind of stuff on for attention?”

Davidson answered the reality star’s question in stride, admitting that the last time he “grew up, clothing-wise,” was when he was 18. From there, he and France discussed underwear preferences, wearing pops of color, and upgrading Davidson’s wardrobe to impress girlfriend Cazzie’s “cool” family. (Larry David is her dad.) “It’s so funny. I thought I was kind of dressing well, but it’s so nice to know I’ve been dressing like sh*t,” Davidson joked, before saying that France’s clothing choices made him feel like Timothée Chalamet.

The video, like the series itself, is heartfelt, warm, funny, but above all, deeply human. While the hit reboot hasn’t yet been renewed, we’re hoping we get to see more from the Fab Five. Saturday Night Live, meanwhile, is currently on hiatus, and will return on April 7 with host Chadwick Boseman and musical guest Cardi B.

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(photos via Greg Doherty/Getty Images + Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images)