We all know it’s wise to start our day with a healthy breakfast. Eating right first thing in the morning, studies have shown, sets the tone for the food choices we’ll make throughout the rest of the day. Though eggs are always a good choice, providing the necessary dose of protein to sustain us until lunchtime, we do get bored eating the same old scrambled eggs or omelette every day. If this is you, too, prepare to be amazed. Here are 21 delicious, healthy breakfasts that aren’t eggs — including green smoothies, make-ahead oatmeal, scratch-made granola bars, banana poppers and more.

For mornings when we need to hit the ground running, there’s just not time for a sit-down meal. We need something nutritious that we can grab and go. Here are 17 quick-fix breakfast recipes to make it easy to start the day off right — and that means more than just coffee. From a tater-tot breakfast casserole to oatmeal pancakes to a breakfast sandwich that rivals a drive-through, these make-ahead meals will have you covered.

Over at Recipe Tin Eats, Nagi dreamed up a recipe for delicious ham and cheese french toast roll-ups, which she makes in batches. The savory goodies are like ham and cheese toasties that can be grabbed on the go. Nagi touts the benefits:

  • They cook up quick in large batches.
  • You can make them ahead the night before.
  • You can eat on the run, with your fingers.
  • They’re so tasty! Butter, cheese, salt, bread… need we say more?

She came up with this recipe when she searched for ham and cheese on french toast to no avail. She didn’t find a recipe, so she created one, and now wonders if she’s maybe the only person these savory toasties will appeal to. We can provide her with a reassuring “no” on that front. Savory french toast lovers, unite!

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(Photo via Recipe Tin Eats)