Feminism is always on our radar, but it’s been receiving a particularly large amount of news coverage in the past few years. That’s meant a lot of advances for women everywhere and a commitment to understanding that feminism leads to equality between all genders and sexes. And that’s the mission behind this inspiring clothing shop that challenges gender norms for little ones.

Quirkie Kids is a line of pink shirts for girls AND boys. The designs on the shirts are fun and kid-friendly, not necessarily girly or associated with the idea of “pink” in any way. Pink, after all, is just a color, like blue or green or sparkle. Who says that girls need to wear pink and boys can’t? We (and Quirkie) think that’s just baloney.

Quirkie is trying to give kids the opportunity to express themselves through their clothing, holding to the principle that no one should be judged or questioned simply because of what they wear. We couldn’t agree more.

Speaking as ladies who love blue and black, love men’s flannel and combat boots and admire any dude who can rock a pink polo, we think the message of Quirkie is fantastic.

What do you think of these gender-neutral pink tees? Tell us your thoughts below!