It’s rare that a search for a stock image can make you feel inspired, let alone like you’re actually seeing something of yourself in the 2-dimensional still life on your screen. But now, Getty Images is aiming to use its photo services to do more than punch up your blog post. They’re giving girl power a whole new look, one picture and several search terms at a time.

Pam Grossman, a director of visual trends at Getty teamed up with Sheryl Sandberg’s non-profit to curate the Lean In Collection, 2,500 images of women, girls and the people who support them. The mission is simple: empower the world by showing women as the leaders, movers, makers, shakers and all-around rockstars that we are. Feel free to roar, no one’s going to judge you for looking like a feminist around here.

Since these photos are used in everything from magazines to billboards to reach people of all ages, think of the domino effect that will come from expanding our picture of what a soldier is (hint: not just men). What a business woman looks like (not just a lady wearing an ill-fitting blazer and an angry look on her face). Even what it means to be a father.

A portion of proceeds from the Lean In Collection will support LeanIn.Org‘s mission and Getty Images grants to make more images like these. Find out how you can join or view more of the photos here.

What do you think of the Lean In Collection? What photos should they add?