From meeting Caitlyn Jenner to Target’s new #TakePride collection, June has been a pretty amazing Pride Month so far. And there’s more to come, with big parades and festivals happening in major cities like San Francisco, New York City, Chicago and Houston. Join in on the crazy, colorful fun this year by stepping up your style game with rainbow locks. Not sure if you can pull it off? Take a look at all the different ways you can rock ROYGBIV.

Lisa Frank Hair

1. Full-on Lisa Frank: The whole idea is being loud and proud, so embrace your inner neon tiger with these colorful stripes. (via @thatjoeybaby)


2. How to Dye Rainbow Pastel Locks at Home: That’s right, you can do this ‘do at home with our handy tutorial (and the right supplies, of course) the next time you’re feeling like going outside the box with your dye job. (via Brit + Co)

Curly Rainbow

3. Naturally Curly: Lots of volume and lots of colors will earn you lots of double-takes. (via @yoko_jak)

Neon Rainbow Hair

4. Matching Brows: Rainbow-colored eyebrows are a thing now, people. Get on trend. (via @pretty_kitty_meow)

Rainbow Ends

5. Rainbow Ends: Concentrate lots of different saturated colors just on your ends for a rainbow effect. It looks extra pretty with barrel curls like these. (via Bridgit Mendler)

Rainbow Roots

6. Rainbow Roots: The pride parade can be your catwalk, since this root-dying trend is taken straight from the Fashion Week runways. (via @polly_fletcher)

Vivid Rainbow Hair

7. Full-Color Spectrum: Is there any color of the rainbow that model Chloe Norgaard DOESN’T have in her amazingly hued hair? (via @chloenorgaard)

Dip Dyed Rainbow Ends

8. Dip-Dyed Ends: We think the tie-dye effect would look just as killer on short, bobbed hair as it does on these long locks. (via Manic Panic NYC)

My Little Pony Hair

9. My Little Pony Hair: Finally, you can live out your childhood dream of having magical unicorn hair. It’s not just for ladies — get in on the rainbow-colored fun, Bronies! (via Hair Romance)

Subtle Dip Dye Ends

10. Subtle Dip Dye: Going bright usually means going bleach blonde first, but you can complement your brunette hair with darker shades of purple and blue. (via The Sartorialist)

Rainbow Undercut

11. Rainbow Undercut: Pastel hair looks sweet like candy, until you pile it up into a bun and show off your edgy undercut. (via @skagglockar)

Rainbow Bangs

12. Rainbow Bangs: It’s all about the bangs, so make them the focus by just adding some face-framing shades to your fringe. (via @biancamaude)

Rainbow Mohawk

13. Rainbow Mohawk: Just in case you thought rainbows were a little too cutesy or cartoonish, we present this badass look. (via Thirsty Roots)

Coordinated Rainbow Hair

14. Coordinated Rainbow: If you’re afraid that brightly colored hair will wear you and not the other way around, just work on color-coordinating a simple dip-dye job with the rest of your outfit. (via Chi City Fashion)

Toucan Short Hair

15. Toucan Colors: Tropical birds are the O.G. rainbow wearers, so we love the idea of taking inspiration from their plumage and making it work on some “feathered” hair. (via Pravana)

Yarn Braid

16. Yarn-Woven Braid: Even if you don’t have time to run out and buy some chalk, we’re sure your creative self has yarn around, right? Tie a few different colors into your hair, then weave it into a fishtail braid for a clever, temporary solution. (via A Beautiful Mess)

Chalk Hair Tutorial

17. Pastel Waves: Hair chalking is really easy and also temporary, just in case rainbow hair won’t fly in the office the next day. (via Brit + Co)

Which dye job has you over the rainbow? Tell us your faves in the comments!