In terms of highly-anticipated salon visits, we’d have to rank getting our roots touched up slightly above getting our brows waxed. Let’s face it, the back-to-blonde (or brunette) upkeep is no where near as exciting as the thrill of a new cut. In fact, there’s nothing exciting about it; it’s purely routine. And one that we thought we’d never see switched up into something more than a predictably-gorg balayage or punky visible roots until we set our eyes on the models rocking colored roots for Maxime Simoens’ Paris Fashion Week show.

These gals’ two-toned strands popped with vibrant painted-on hues on each side of their pin-straight center parts, a style dreamed up by the hair artists at Bumble and bumble. just for the runway. According to Stylist, the effect was created using water-based body paints, but you could always hack the look using hair chalk or eye shadow to take the twist temporary unicorn hair off-duty.

True, the look is much less subtle than a dip-dye or color streak, but imagine how royal blue roots could punch-up your dark tresses for a date night, or how a swatch of pink on your platinum scalp could outdo even the most ornate of flower crowns come festival season. Don’t ask us if we think it’s cool or crazy — we’ve clearly already filed it under DIYs to do. #colofulisthenewblack

So spill: would you try out this colorful hair trend? Tell us in the comments below.

(h/t Stylist, photos Instagram)