A little bit ’90s, a teensy bit boho and completely fun these trendy bracelets have woven a spell over us — and we’re not alone! Proving they’re not just for kids anymore, these rubber band bracelets are finding a whole new kinda fame in Miley Cyrus‘ crazy craft studio and on star-studded shows alongside Ellen and Jimmy Kimmel. Seeing those bright colors and patterns made us all nostalgic for childhood crafts, so we collected 16 awesome rainbow projects for you to try with us.

1. Barefoot Sandals: Hangin’ by the pool? Slip into a pair of barefoot sandals just begging for a sunny, carefree day. Wrists don’t get to have all the fun. (via Craft Life)

2. Rainbow Loom Undies?!: Ever on trend, Ellen DeGeneres gave Jimmy Kimmel a hilarious pair of Rainbow Loom underwear to go with his Suit of the Loom. (via YouTube)

3. iPhone Case: The rubbery texture of this case will (hopefully) keep you from dropping your phone and promise a safer landing when it does. (via Craft Life)

4. Loom Snake: Get a little silly (and bust out the Loom for all the little ones) with a rubber snake. (via Frugal Fun For Boys)

5. Happy Peas In A Pod: How adorable are these little peas?? (via Loom Love)

6. #SuitoftheLoom: Jimmy Kimmel proudly wore an entire suit made out of loom jewelry sent to him from kids (probably big and little ones ;) from across the country that he later put up on eBay. (via Jimmy Kimmel Live)

7. Granny Square Bracelet: Dare we say the pattern of this cuff is elegant? (via Loom Love)

8. Miley Cyrus: Miley is going full ’90s with a tie dye t-shirt and a collection of loom scrunchies. (via Instagram)

9. Fishtail Rainbow Pattern: We’re sensing some fun color blocking options with this easy pattern. (via Loom Love)

10. Kaleidoscope Bracelet: We are in love with these flowery patterns of color. (via Loom Love)

11. Loom Flip Flops: These awesome covers are just made with a fishtail pattern, so it’s a relatively easy project. (via Debi’s Design)

12. Jeweled Loom Bracelet: If you think you’re too old for friendship bracelets, then think again. THEN, check out this upgraded bejeweled version. (via Minted Strawberry)

13. Rainbow Loom Sunglasses: Dress up some boring sunglasses with a colorful rubber pattern that is completely removable. (via Debi’s Design Diary)

14. Flower Burst Bracelet: Mix in some metallic colors to your Loom-ing. (via Loom Love)

15. Fishtail Bracelet: Even if you don’t want have the actual loom handy, you can still join in the fun with this easy bracelet that just uses your fingers to weave. (via Honestly WTF)

16. Cupcake Charms: Wouldn’t these be cute little keychains or wine charms? (via Loom Love)

Are you going to try your hand at looming? Let us know in the comments below!