Pride month isn’t over just yet. If you’re still looking for some rainbow-inspired cuisine for your celebrations, then we certainly have you covered. Rainbow bagels, rainbow grilled cheese, rainbow mac and cheese and, of course, rainbow sushi are all bright and yummy menu options that can be repurposed into pride-friendly fare. But if you were thinking that your party is lacking a certain something, perhaps you need to make rainbow sausage a part of your life. No, not *that* kind of sausage, you saucy thang! Actual meaty rainbow sausages.

BuzzFeed Canada editor Lauren Strapagiel captured a pic of the colorful meaty tubes that hail from Canadian grocers Loblaws. Each package includes a rainbow of red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple sausages. At around $6 for six rainbow wursts, it’s a delightful technicolor deal. And while Lauren’s tweet is a worthwhile reminder that some people are (rightly) none too pleased with the way the once-political pride celebration has gotten commercialized, you have to admit the result of this experiment is, well, compelling.

With a sticker clearly stating that the culinary creations were “made fresh” right there in-store, it’s unclear whether they’re different kinds of sausage or stick to a single flavor. But, honestly, does that even matter? This is really all about the fact that these are rainbow sausages.

We’re totally curious about what they look and taste like once BBQ’d, so if anyone wants to pick ‘em up and give them a grill, be sure to tweet us the juicy deets @BritandCo.

(Photo via Lauren Strapagiel)