We’ve seen some crazy bacon-themed products in our day — from alarms to scarves, pretty much everything comes in a bacon variety. Perhaps it’s a testament to the popularity of CrossFit and other fitness programs that encourage featuring lots of protein in your diet? Um, or maybe people just love bacon. Now Reebok is trying to get a piece of the crispy bacon pie by selling, you guessed it, bacon!

#ReebokBacon is Reebok’s new product, complete with a slightly silly marketing campaign encouraging eaters of bacon to unite. But wait, isn’t that just everyone ever? Except for real vegans and strict veggies? This weekend they took their new venture on the road with the Bacon Box, a food truck featuring exclusively bacon-wrapped food that hit up all the popular CrossFit destinations and the Cross Fit Games. Hungry exercisers + bacon sounds like a recipe for a successful restaurant enterprise to us.

This bacon is actually good for you… or, as good for you as bacon can get. There are no nitrates and the meat is smoked instead of cured. There’s no MSG and no sweeteners, meaning all you’re getting is pork and salt. So if you’re going to indulge, this might be the way to do it.

As protein-heavy diets remain popular, perhaps the best way for fitness companies to offer incentives for working out is to tap into our inner carnivores. For us vegetarians out there, we’ll just have to wait until the tables turn and diets start recommending cronuts during our next big workout. Fingers crossed :)

Are you a bacon lover or are you sick of all the hype? Talk to us in the comments below!