Between flower beards, Amy Schumer/JLaw vacation shots and Kate Hudson’s music videos, Instagram is our go-to for dope, creative content on the regular. To continue the train of awesome this week, we present to you punk rock Reese Witherspoon — courtesy of your new must-follow ‘gram:


Old Reesey Withs (we’re calling her that now, for fun) got a punk makeover thanks to Instagram called @popculturegoespunk. She posted this pic on her Instagram asking if her fans thought she should change her look up. We love it (rainbow hair is seriously having a moment) and are pretty behind the rest of the celeb punkifications we see on the feed.


Granted, these pics are more of Hot Topic’s definition of punk and some make us question the poster’s taste (punk rock Josh Duggar? NOT COOL) but they’re still fun to scroll through.


Shout out to punk rock North West, aka our new spirit animal.


Which celeb do you think deserves a punk rock makeover? Tell us in the comments!

(Images via @popculturegoespunk)