It鈥檚 an understatement to say that weddings these days cost a pretty penny. One of the biggest 2016 wedding trends is that couples will spend on average $12,189 for their big days, which doesn鈥檛 even include the venue, wedding dress or rings. That鈥檚 why you鈥檒l love hearing that Reformation clothing brand is launching an affordable bridal collection for spring with everything under $500. We know 鈥 it sounds too good to be true and for once, it is.


The collection hits stores and online February 22, and it seems to follow the same 鈥渙ff-the-beaten-path鈥 bridal look of the fall line 鈥 only with a fresh spring palette. In regards to their goal for their Spring Collection, Reformation says, 鈥淚f you鈥檙e not really the marrying type but have found yourself in a 鈥榳edding situation鈥, our new Spring Wedding Collection is here to help. It鈥檚 made up of dresses that will keep you looking like you on the big day 鈥 not a weird Pinterest version of you.鈥


And the collection includes lots of numbers for your bridesmaids too, including flow-y gowns in shades such as buttery yellow, pastel purples and pink. According to the brand, 鈥淭hey鈥檙e flying across the country, booking hotels, buying you presents and crying hysterically on command 鈥 all for you. Don鈥檛 make them wear ugly dresses they will never wear again.鈥 Truer words have never been written. The countdown for launch has already begun on their site.

Take a sneak peek at some more images below.


Remember: spending less on your dress means splurging on your honeymoon.

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(Photos via Reformation)