Talking about all your tights options for winter can be really fun. Talking about blood clots is not. But, for some, it’s a serious reality and can be a life-threatening health issue. So at 21, Kelsey Minarik, a sufferer of blood clots, decided to take the solution into her own hands. Enter her big idea for Rejuva, which now boasts over 30 different circulation-improving compression products for both women and men. The styles range from herringbone knee-high socks (one of Kelsey’s favorites) to black floral tights to super high-tech leggings, all boasting the same quality and finish you expect from your favorite pair of tights.

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Now, several years later, Kelsey is able to reflect back on the beginning of her business with the wise eye of a veteran, but she still struggles with how to balance it all given her busy professional and social life. “I think balance is a lifelong quest which requires a continual commitment to improvement,” she states. “I’m no pro, but prioritization, organization and meditation have all helped.”

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When it comes to prioritizing, Kelsey (who’s a huge fan of Rejuva’s footless leggings, BTW) suggests to “each day pick two to three main tasks to accomplish and make a habit of saying ‘no’ to anything else. Focus is freeing.” For staying organized, she’s a big fan of minimizing the “stuff” around her at home and in the office — and digitally. She loves apps like Trello, Dropbox, and Wunderlist to help sync her life, “because who wants to be stressed looking for something when you could be having fun?”

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And lastly, for meditation, Kelsey says it has been “transformative to her business, relationships and overall sense of wellbeing. It’s actually made my other hours more focused and effective!” she says. As for the best business advice she’s ever gotten? “Just START!” she exclaims.

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(Photos via RejuvaHealth)