Whether you’re aiming to become a DIY queen or join the latest taco cleanse or clean eating craze, resolutions are all about improving yourself. But what about improving your relationships? We chatted with Ty Tashiro, professor and author of The Science of Happily Ever After, for his best advice on building the strongest relationship ever. Scroll to discover six relationship resolutions that could bring you and your S.O. some awesome perks.


Tashiro says it’s natural for any couple to experience boredom after being together for a while. To light the spark again, opt for unique experiences like classes or travel that will grow you both individually and as a couple.


Resolving to turn it up in the bedroom is one thing, but taking steps to build other kinds of intimacy is even better. Tashiro recommends using self-disclosure, which is the act of admitting fears or honest thoughts to your partner, in order to increase trust and emotional intimacy. Increasing emotional intimacy will, in turn, make you feel more passionately towards your boyfriend or girlfriend.


Playing the numbers game in terms of spending time together often amounts to an unromantic checklist of hangout times. Rather than spending your quality time watching TV, aim to ditch technology and be present with your partner in the moment.


Keeping track of good deeds exchanged between you and your S.O. is a slippery slope that can make your relationship feel like work, Tashiro says. Instead of keeping score, try to be kind just because you care.


Taking time to notice the little things about your S.O. — like how they take their coffee or what their favorite Spotify playlist is — can yield big results for your relationship. Tashiro says that doing little romantic acts that your partner would uniquely appreciate can show them how committed you are to their happiness.


When you’re on the receiving end of things, voicing your gratitude creates a positive reinforcement cycle, Tahiro says. When you genuinely thank your partner for doing something kind, it makes them want to do it again — and makes you want to return the favor.

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