Makers and techies unite–it’s nearly time for Re:Make 2014! We’re counting down the days until the big kick-off, and here’s why you should too: the makers debuting their goods and strutting their stuff are totally on point this year. Heck, we just can’t keep it a secret! Here are 10 tech trends for you to watch for at Re:Make 2014.

1. Drop ($80): Baking is now easy as pie (see what we did there) with this baking scale that connects to your iPad. This little red sous chef helps you measure ingredients, offers substitute ingredients, and reminds you when your souffle is ready! No more dessert disasters for you!

2. AgIC: Making your own circuit just got easier with the AgIC at-home circuit printer. With the recent advent of conductive ink, you can now ditch the ‘ol breadboard and print circuit boards straight onto glossy photo paper. Cool, right? This brings the fundamentals of circuit design to everyone!

3. Nomiku ($149): You know that crazy thing they do on cooking shows with the sealed bag and vacuum–the sous vide process? Well this little kitchen appliance brings restaurant fare to the foodie kitchen. Go ahead and preorder the 2.0 version, and start planning that sous vide wild duck dish.

4. DODOcase iPad Cases ($85): So you are at Re:Make, you’re a techie, and you have your smartphone, tablet, laptop, etc. Well don’t stop impressing us! Protect your gadgets with cool cases from DODOcase. Not at Re:Make? Design and customize your very own DODOcase online!

5. 3D Printed Bottle Opener ($72): Pop some bottles with this 3D printed, 24k gold-painted bottle opener from Second Sun. Because didn’t you know? We LOVE all things 3D printed. (And we LOVE Second Sun cofounder and B+C editor Alexis Monson!)

6. Chibi Circuit Stickers ($29): Do you like to stand out? Make your next project light up and blink! Chibitronics is making circuits more approachable with these stickers. Simply add several stickers together with a battery and you can experiment in electronics. We have a dozen Halloween costume ideas already.

7. Other Machine Co.: 3D printing is all the rage. So, we invite you to come play with a 3D printer at Re:Make! Other Machine Co. offers the chance to experience Othermill, the CNC (computer numerically controlled) mill technology that fits in your home. Get printing!

8. Aegis Taylor Tablet Sleeve ($68): We plan on carrying our iPad as a clutch with this minimal and functional tablet sleeve. Because really, our tech accessories are our best accessories.

9. Your Nest Inspired Wood iPhone Stand ($17): Is your hand cramping from all the YouTube videos you’re watching? Yeah… thought so. Turn your iPhone into a hands-free video watching device with this wood iPhone stand. Psst… it’s also available for your iPad!

10. DODOcase Cardboard VR Toolkit ($24.95): Virtual reality headsets are very real and very cool. DODOcase offers this cardboard VR headset that you can DIY in five minutes. Snag one at Re:Make or online, get to DIY-ing, and then you’re in your own little world!

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Which new tech idea are you most excited to check out at Re:Make? Let us know in the comments below!