We here at B+C like to use this weekly app roundup to introduce you to a mix of new and recently updated apps that can range from games to workout assistants to beer selectors to better photo takers and often something with emoji. Or GIFs. Once in a while, all five seem to have a theme and this week it looks like app developers are working to get you thinking about those resolutions you made a few weeks ago alllll year ‘round. From tracking your calories to keeping you hydrated to helping you cross off that daunting to-do list, here are a few DLs that will make your smartphone a tool for ruling your rad intentions throughout 2015.


1. Snowbuddy: For the snow bunnies and black diamond divas out there, this is your SEASON and this is your app. Cristof is your snowbuddy, a virtual cold weather activity tracker who turns hitting the slopes into a social party where you can find your friends and challenge them to best your runs all while tracking how many calories you’ve burned.

DL It: Free (for a limited time!) on Android and iOS


2. Complete: A to-do list is great and all but if there’s not a ton of motivation to check things off besides seeing that big ol’ check mark then it’s more of a, um, to don’t list, you feel me? Complete is the first task COMPLETION app that encourages you to do the things you set out to accomplish by getting others involved in the process. Turning your to-do list into something with as much social relevance as your latest vacation album on Facebook holds you accountable, connects you with people who might have info about your goals and lines them up to give you the mad props you deserve once you do those dos.

DL It: Free on iOS


3. Carrot Hunger: A “judgmental calorie tracker,” eh? Sounds like something that texts you “a minute on the lips, a lifetime on the hips” every time it senses you opening up a bag of chips. Actually, that’s pretty close to what Hunger actually does. It’s like a little Jillian Michaels on your phone, employing artificial intelligence to tell you what’s in what you’re eating and what that means in terms you’ll easily understand — like amount of physical activity needed to burn off its cals. With an iBeacon sensor stuck in your fridge, the app could track every time you open the door and sound an alarm when you’re over your calorie goal for the day. It’ll bribe you to eat well, shame tweet you when you don’t make your goals and plump up your in-app avatar if you’re not working out enough. This is not a calorie tracker for the faint of heart or those who cry easily.

DL It: Free on iOS


4. Water Tracker iHydrate: You might still be traumatized by reading the above, (we kind of are) so we wanted to follow up with an app that wants to help you achieve your health goals without the fear of public shaming. Here’s an app that tracks something you might not have even known needed tracking — your hydration levels. Using sweet illustrations and charts, track your water and liquid intake and set up helpful reminders that will make sure you’re getting enough H2O in your D-A-Y.

DL It: $1.99 on iOS


5. Google Translate: Unless your resolutions are to learn new languages (I’m down) and travel more (also v much down), this recent app upgrade is in its own category, but one that deserves a shoutout. The translation app now uses Word Lens (without an Internet connection!) to read signage and translate foreign languages in real time so consider that menu in whatever city you’re traveling through decoded. In “conversation mode,” Translate can also detect which two languages are being spoken and will help you communicate with your new friend at *least* for directions to la biblioteca.

DL It: Free on Android and iOS

What is your favorite app or recent download? Share hits and misses currently chilling on your smartphone with us below!