There’s something about high heels that has us feeling glamorous while doing our best Olivia Pope power walk. But even the most experienced heel lovers among us know that strutting in them all day long can sometimes seem like a marathon, especially if your city is full of unruly sidewalks and cobblestone streets. Whether you’re wearing them to the boardroom or on a girls’ night out, worrying about how your feet feel is the last thing you want on your mind.

Denmark-based designer Frederikke Antoinie Schmidt took it upon herself to develop a comfortable high-heeled shoe so you can finally stop carrying those backup flats in your purse. She collaborated with an orthopedic shoemaker to combine the exterior of a designer heel with the comfort and technology of an athletic insole.

Strutting your stuff down the sidewalk in Roccamore‘s stylish comfort heels trains your foot to adopt a walk that’s anatomically correct. You read that right — the insole technology built into this shoe actually forces your foot to balance your weight to avoid the ailments that come with wearing killer heels. Goodbye, blisters!

After years of developing prototypes, the Roccamore team is ready for production. Each of their shoes is made with the finest Italian leather and available in shades of black, gray, plum, red and nude. With less than two weeks remaining until their Kickstarter campaign ends, Frederikke and her team have surpassed their fundraising goal. A pledge of $180 will get you a pair of Roccamore heels in the color of your choice. Pick up a pair (or two) to add comfort and style to your commute by visiting their campaign.

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