It’s always a bit Hobbit-like to see indoor objects placed in nature, and that’s probably why these photographs have us doing a double take. Yup, bedside lamps floating through and lighting up a forest is a magical sight, people! That’s something you just don’t see everyday — sorry… EVER! The photographs are unusually enchanting… they’re just missing little elves and a princess.

It may shock you when we tell you that these are not Photoshopped. Without any digital intervention, Norwegian artist Rune Guneriussen creates large-scale installations of man-made objects in rural landscapes as a bridge between nature and human culture. So cool!

Since ‘05, this conceptual artist has been peppering ordinary household items in dreamlike locations all around his native Norway. Once he creates the scene, he will photograph it on-site and immediately dismantle his work.

We are particularly fond of the electric lamp series for its whimsical and fairytale-like quality, but Guneriussen has also used books, chairs and even old school rotary dial telephones. And while the photographs are breathtakingly stunning, he’s much more concerned about how the installation looks than the caliber of the photograph. And rightly so. The beauty of this whole project is in the bizarre appearance of manufactured objects in nature. Scroll down to see some of our faves. And also: Where can we get our hands on those awesome lamps?!

All the photos are limited edition and mounted on aluminum. For more info on how to snag a copy of one of these beauties, click here.

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