With backyard BBQs and outdoor parties taking over our summer, we’re bound to pull out the folding chairs for extra seating. But who really wants to have the dull browns and grays of those metal or wood beasts dampening the adorably coordinated hues of a summer soiree? No one, no one at all. For a quick fix, consider updating those foldables with a new paint job, patterned cushions or even some colorful covers. Check out these 10 DIYs that are sure to get those chairs party-ready in no time.

1. Color Dipped Chairs: We love to dip dye pretty much anything, so it was only a matter of time before we dip dyed our chairs. These add some seriously fun color to any shindig! (via Brit + Co)

2. Party Pretty Folding Chair: Soft pink paint, glitzy polka dots… this has clearly jumped to the top of our favorites list. (via My Fabuless Life)

3. Macrame Lawn Chairs: Get your knot on with some brightly colored paracord in this DIY project. The color combos are endless! (via Deuce Cities Hen House)

4. Striped Chairs: Updating your chairs doesn’t have to be a weekend-long project. Grab a few colors of paint and simply slap some stripes down the middle of your seats. (via Honestly WTF)

5. Anthropologie-Inspired Cushions: We’re always down for a good Anthro hack, especially when it saves us tons of money like these DIY cushions do. No need to splurge when you can craft your own! (via Merry Pad)

6. Spray Painted Folding Chairs: All those metal chairs need is a new coat of lighter, brighter paint. A few cans of spray paint should do the trick! (via Start at Home)

7. Festival Chair: Since your festival outfit is already planned, take some time to make this gorgeous, whimsical chair to take with you. (via Free People Blog)

8. Aluminum Chair Makeover: Even though this chair is made for a mini-me, all you have to do is supersize it to make it perfect for you, too. (via A Beautiful Mess)

9. Paint and Patterns: Lights and darks pair perfectly in this piece, with a fab updated cushion that features our fave chevron style. (via Design for Mankind)

10. Stylish Slipcover: If you’re more of a seamstress than a painter, have no fear! This DIY breaks down the few simple steps of putting together a simple and sweet slipcover. (via A Pretty Cool Life)

Which of these DIYs inspires you to give your chairs a makeover? Share your faves with us in the comments below.