There was a lot to take in on Sunday鈥檚 season seven premiere episode of Game of Thrones. Catching up with where the show left off in season six and keeping all the story lines straight was enough to take up more than the show鈥檚 hour of airtime, making it extremely easy to miss some of the details added by people behind the scenes. Prime example: Sansa鈥檚 hair choices, and if you weren鈥檛 looking closely while you were listening, it probably went right past you.

Coming off of a particularly girl power-centric last season, the premiere was an excellent one for women. Arya started things off with a bang and Daenerys regally made landfall in Westeros in an almost completely wordless scene. Somewhere in the middle, Sansa is not having it with the men in her life.

While the new King in the North has been living (and dying) up at the wall with almost exclusively men, Sansa has been used as a pawn throughout Westeros. Although she hasn鈥檛 gotten much say in her own fate before now, that doesn鈥檛 mean she hasn鈥檛 learned a thing or two from the people who did. Fans noticed that this might mean more than how to wield power in a struggle for the top spot.

After a touchy public standoff with Jon Snow, the eldest Stark daughter pleads with her 鈥渉alf-brother鈥 to not underestimate Cersei Lannister. Sansa has had a front-row seat (and sometimes a major role) in the conniving queen鈥檚 schemes. Her speech doesn鈥檛 do too much for Jon, except he notices that Sansa鈥檚 plea gives considerable credit to the new Queen of the Seven Kingdoms. 鈥淵ou almost sound as if you admire her,鈥 her brother said to her. In response, the eldest Stark daughter responded, 鈥淚 learned a great deal from her.鈥

During the back-and-forth, eagle-eyed fans noticed Sansa was sporting a hairstyle that looked extremely familiar. In addition to her admiration for calculating her way to the crown, Sansa wore her hair in Cersei鈥檚 southern Westerosian style we saw before her imprisonment and shaved head walk of shame.

Because nothing on this show is accidental, it鈥檚 likely the braided half updo was supposed to echo the show鈥檚 new woman in charge. Even Sophie Turner, who plays Sansa, revealed in an interview that the show鈥檚 hairstylists don鈥檛 do anything unintentionally. 鈥淪ansa鈥檚 hair is constantly reflecting the people she鈥檚 learning from, or mimicking, or inspired by at the time,鈥 she told Refinery29. 鈥淲hen she鈥檚 Cersei鈥檚 prisoner, and she鈥檚 kind of absorbing all her manipulative techniques, it鈥檚 reflected in her hairstyle, and when she鈥檚 finding the spirit of Margaery in herself, she wears her hair like Margaery.鈥

We鈥檝e seen a huge amount of growth in Sansa over the last few seasons, and the way she鈥檚 been taking charge now that she鈥檚 reunited with her own people means that we鈥檙e in for an exciting season. If her hairstyling message is any indication, we might now be dealing with two Cerseis, which is sure to make some great TV.

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(h/t Elle UK; photos via HBO, Giphy)