The summer job is a rite of passage for most teens. Whether we’re working the fast food line or up-selling at our favorite mall store, we’ve all had to work those long, tiring hours on our feet while suffering from serious summer FOMO. This is clearly no different for the first family. While her sister Malia has been partying it up at Lollapalooza, the younger first daughter Sasha Obama has been working her butt off at a restaurant in Martha’s Vineyard, and news of her position has had people blowing up on Twitter.

Ryan Seacrest was early to chime in, noting that it’s clear the Obamas are a normal family. In fact, he called Sasha’s job “unglamorous” and said she’s obviously a normal teen.

Even still, people have been making cute jokes about the teen’s foray into the fast food industry.

Others still are noticing a little bit of a discrepancy between how Sasha and her sister are being treated in the media due to the differences in their summer activities.

One thing’s for sure — we think it’s pretty cool that President Obama’s teen daughters have been able to live their lives as normally as possible — and with Malia heading off to Harvard this fall and President Obama’s final term coming to an end, it’s clear that he and Michelle want to make sure their kids have a normal American kid experience.

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