If you’re like us, you crave savory eats and sweets all in one fell swoop. We’re here to let you know that you actually can have your sweet-tasting, savory-looking cake and eat it too. These 12 confections flip the script on traditionally savory eats and you’ll be glad they did. We’re talking pasta, rice and a whole lot more taking a stroll on the sugary side of the spectrum. Hope you’re ready for some good eats that know how to shake things up.


1. Strawberry Mascarpone Dessert Pizza: What a terrific way to end a homemade pizza dinner, or any meal for that matter. (via Just a Taste)


2. Healthy Brownies: You won’t believe what savory pantry staple these rich-yet-healthy brownies are made with. Okay, okay, we’ll spill: It’s black beans. (via Brit + Co)


3. Deep-Fried Sugared Pasta and Strawberry Crunch: Next time you have a few extra cooked lasagna noodles on hand, consider frying them up for a tasty twist on strawberry shortcake. (via Doughmesstic)


4. Baked Nutella Ravioli: These ravioli are absolutely stuffed with Nutella. We’re thinking cookie butter would be an equally welcome filling. (via Full Fork Ahead)


5. Chocolate Tagliatelle: Make your very own chocolate pasta from scratch, no machine required. (via Scandi Home)


6. Chocolate Risotto: Chocolate and rice pudding collide to create one luscious risotto that’s perfect for snacktime or dessert. (via Savory Simple)


7. Mini Chocolate Hazelnut Pizzas: It might be hard to stop at just one of these decadent pies — thank goodness they’re pint sized. (via Eatwell 101)


8. Ricotta and Cherry Ravioli With Hazelnut Pasta: Tart cherries and rich chocolate work oh-so well with nutty, hazelnut-enhanced pasta dough. These ravioli are nothing short of unique. (via Chew Town)


9. Healthy Chocolate Chip Cookies: Not only delicious, these cookies made with chickpeas are also healthy and naturally gluten-free. In other words: A guilt-free treat to snack on any time. (via Brit + Co)


10. Chai-Spiced Breakfast Risotto: Packed with warm flavors, this chai-spiced risotto is just as delicious hot or cold. (via This Delicate Web)


11. Fruit Sushi: No fish here, just fresh fruit and sushi rice seasoned with coconut milk and sugar. (via She Knows)


12. Praline Bacon: Strips of bacon are transformed into candy in the blink of an eye with this caramel-y creation. (via See Salt)

Share your favorite sweet twists on traditionally savory recipes below!