‘Tis the Season… to make videos with Facebook? A new feature on the classic social network might totally transform the way you say thank you to your friends and family this holiday season. It’s called Say Thanks, and it’s a way to send personalized videos directly to your Facebook friends… all 3,000 of them.

Okay, snark aside, this is actually a pretty cool way to connect with the people you love over the holidays. It’s super easy to create a personalized video, which pulls photos of you and your family member, significant other or bestie into a pre-existing template.

You can choose from an “old friend” or a regular friend theme, depending on whether you’re thanking your oldest gal pal from first grade or your super cool co-worker. Then you can edit the photos and posts from your shared friendship, add them to the video and share directly with the recipient. You can also add a personalized message before sending.

The video will show up on both you and your friend’s timeline, so everyone can see how awesome you are together. We have to say, we admire the holiday spirit behind this idea. Get ready friends, you could be tagged in some pretty embarrassing videos before you know it.

What do you think of Facebook’s Say Thanks? Will you use it this holiday season? Tell us in the comments below!