We’re sad to see summer go, but we’re way excited for the return of our fall favorite: scarves. One of those accessories that we just can’t get enough of, scarves are the perfect mix of style and function. Whether you’re looking to stay warm in chilly weather or add a super versatile item (think head scarf, shawl and skirt) to your travel wardrobe, we’ve brought you some of the most stylish ones we could find below.

Bed of Roses Wool Scarf

1. Bed of Roses Wool Scarf ($56):With its red and green tones that compose the rose pattern, this guy has you covered — literally — for everything from beer gardens to backyard parties.

Block Printed Scarf

2. Block-Printed Scarf ($48): The beautiful burnt sienna tones of this block-printed scarf aren’t something you see every day.

Check me out scarf

3. Plaid “Check Me Out” Scarf ($18): Nothing is quite as classic as plaid, but instead of using flannel-esque colors, this accessory revels in lighter tones that we love.

Denim Scarf

4. Denim Scarf ($36): You’re looking at the perfect addition to your Canadian tuxedo. Since the denim-on-denim trend doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon, you’ll get some serious style mileage out of this purchase.

Dip dyed Infinity

5. Dip-Dyed Infinity Scarf ($24): The slight color bleeding that occurs naturally as the result of the dip-dyed method is to die for. Think about adding this to a gray or white dress for a little splash of color.

Dots Modal Scarf

6. Polka Dot Scarf ($39): Here’s polka dot at its finest. It’s playful enough for a t-shirt and jeans combo, yet classic enough for the finishing touch on a fancy brunch outfit.

Stamped Scarf Kit

7. Stamped Scarf Kit ($25): Do you have that perfect pattern in your head, but can’t seem to find just the right version anywhere? The sky’s the limit with this kit that supplies you with everything you need — as long as you’ve got a pencil and some scissors lying around.

Gold twist scarf

8. Gold Twist Scarf ($20): This wired chiffon scarf is about as versatile as it gets — toss it around your neck, or, with a couple of twists here and there, rock it as a headband, belt or even a bracelet. A four-in-one combo wins every time.

Ikat Cotton Scarf

9. Ikat Cotton Scarf ($22): Bring a little exotic to your day-to-day with an accessory that exudes world-traveler energy. From the Moroccan desert to Parisian cafes, this says, “I belong here.”

Wanderlust Seaside Scarf

10. Wanderlust Seaside Scarf ($49): No wonder this scarf fills you up with summer vibes just by looking at it — the beach town of Seaside, Florida inspired its design. Bring a little sand and salt water with you wherever you go and keep this tucked in your tote.

Indigo Silk Scarf

11. Indigo Silk Scarf ($160): The tribal print is as eye-catching as you can get. Imagine this blue hue popping out of the top of a moto jacket — swoon city.

Long Silk Infinity Scarf

12. Long Silk Infinity Scarf ($90): The unique silk-dyeing makes each one of these accessories both a beautiful one-of-a-kind art piece and a stunning addition to your wardrobe.

Mini Infinity

13. Mini Infinity Scarf ($26): Sometimes too much fabric is just that: too much. This throw-it-on-and-go style was made for ladies on the move.

Persimmon Silk Scarf

14. Persimmon Silk Scarf ($160): The colors of this beautiful silk scarf will bring a little warmth to your day, even in the depths of a cold and snowy winter.

Pom Pom Cotton Scarf

15. Pom Pom Scarf ($28): You try resisting the cheerful trim on this cozy must-have. With colors this bright, you’ll keep those summer vibes going all season long.

Scarf Easy Knit Kit

16. Easy Knit Scarf Kit ($65): Ever look at something and say, “I could do that, easy!” to yourself? Well, then this is for you. Think about how fun it will be to say, “Oh this? I made it myself!” when people compliment you on it.

Indigo scarf

17. Floral Indigo Scarf ($30): This scarf reminds us of a wearable and floral version of traditional Japanese porcelain pottery. Suguremashita (that’s Japanese for excellent)!

Which scarf has you falling in love with fall? Share your swoon-worthy scarves in the comments below.